The Sled-Dog Mentality

Why do we need a legislature? We elect Representatives and Senators to convene in Baton Rouge, show their style (?) and waste our money. In light of recent happenings i.e. Governor Jindal’s endorsement of John Alario as Senate President and Speaker of the House was given to Representative Chuck Keckley; why must we pay these people in both houses any money for salaries, travel and expenses?

The Governor does all the work it seems.

There’s a lot of talk about the governor traditionally picking whomever he sees as best suited to champion his legislation. When this happens it’s more a matter of the pack doing pulling than the lead dog. Each underling pays homage to the butthole in front of him and follows the leader as good little whelps do.

The governor has always proclaimed himself to be transparent. He says Louisiana has set the “gold standard” for ethics across the nation. This isn’t all that much of an accolade when you consider the fact we are grading the ethics of career politicians. The elasticity of the term transparency has been noted in that the “transparency commandment” doesn’t apply to the hypocrite in chief. It’s a simple matter of don’t do as I do; do as I say. It’s the statement of regency or monarchy over democracy.

In one sense politicians’ transparency has never been better defined by the fact we, as citizens, are coming to the point of being able to see right through these people no matter the depth of the septic/ rhetoric tank or the posturing as they deliver their product to the people.

Once the governor decided who it was deserved the greatest resume’ enhancement, all others were expected to shut-up, fall in line and follow that same leader mentioned above. The compliment paid the governor has been boilerplate as well as annoying for the lack of backbone exhibited.  The deference paid the governor is as so sugary as to send a diabetic into insulin shock. “I would defer to the governor. If that’s who is his choice, I’m certainly not going to buck the governor on it. I have nothing but respect for both of them and don’t intend to get into a contest with them.” Then there was the other guy wanted the job: “Everyone’s been waiting to see, as is tradition, who the governor would tap and he chose John, and I’m okay with that.” (The Advocate 11-7-2011, Melinda Deslatte) It’s noted in Ms. Deslatte’s column that neither Alario nor Keckley thought they had the necessary votes to be elected by consensus without the governor’s support. There wasn’t even a token resistance offered by spineless elected official most likely to represent divergent views and different and better leadership potential.

Admittedly, there is some thinking they should do right by their constituents. They seek to challenge the status quo, demand debate and force a vote where many others just go along to get along.

So why do we elect these people? These actions reek of political quid pro quo and one hand finally washing the other of Pontius Pilate’s hands. You give away what isn’t yours to give because of political mandate and wrest the power from the people by suborning or corrupting the process should be followed to (s)elect these officials. And this type of actions has to wash away a lot of responsibility for the way government is, and isn’t, conducted. There’s still the deepening shadow of smoke filled rooms polluting the environment of governmental conduct and business as usual.

This sled dog mentality has been a major source of the odoriferous atmosphere surrounding the state capitol. Where we expect our representation we find the real reason Huey Long faces the Capitol Building. It would be so much better if he faced away from the capitol, as though he was expanding his vision for the future of Louisiana. Unfortunately, his mentality still affects the actions of the inhabitants as he oversees them with a near-sighted vision for Louisiana.

The lead dog decides the pace and direction of the sled and the scenery never changes for those forced to follow.

Thanks for listening.



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