We Need Some Help On This St. Jude Thing

It’s St. Jude Week here on the Hayride.

As many of you know, the Give thanks. Walk. is Saturday morning.

We need walkers, and we need donors.

Click here and sign up or donate.

If the whole St. Jude thing doesn’t quite grab you enough to get involved, fine. We can fix that.

For example, there’s Mia. She’s from Louisiana, and she’s at St. Jude because at five years old she’s got acute myeloid leukemia. You’re not supposed to get acute myeloid leukemia until you’re old. She’s got it at five.


From the moment Mia and her family entered the doors of St. Jude, they joined a team focused on making Mia well—while keeping her entire family strong.

Her doctor devised a treatment plan for Mia’s acute myeloid leukemia that included a bone marrow transplant. Her child life specialist explained Mia’s treatment to her in language she could understand. Her nurses helped ensure she recovered in a sterile environment that would keep her safe from infection.

Along the way, they nurtured Mia’s already active imagination. One day when a nurse attached her to a fluid bag, Mia invented a story about it. The bag was the castle, and she was the princess.

Today, Mia’s cancer is in remission and she still makes up the most wonderful stories. These happy endings are made possible by her winning St. Jude team.

We’re trying to help St. Jude because there’s nothing worse than kids getting cancer. This stuff at Penn State has shaken everybody up about terrible things happening to kids; well, you can’t do anything about what that animal at Penn State did to those kids. You can, however, do something to help kids like Mia.

The Give thanks. Walk. in Baton Rouge will start at 9 AM Saturday. It’ll be over long before the LSU-Ole Miss game, so you’ve got plenty of time to knock this out and then watch football. And you’ll be doing a world of good for some folks who need your help.

Some particulars for you…

Join us on Saturday, November 19, as St. Jude supporters in the Baton Rouge community, and in 80 cities nationwide, come together to participate in the St. Jude Give thanks. Walk. to raise money for the children of St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital.

Location: BREC’s Forest Community Park, 13900 S. Harrell’s Ferry Road, Baton Rouge, LA 70816

Walk Start Location: Recreation Center

Walker Check-in Starts: 7:30 AM

Walk Starts: 9:00 AM

Again, here’s the link to the Hayride’s team. Please join us this week, and walk with us on Saturday.



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