Life In The Ivory Tower

Is anybody else suffering the pain of Ocular Dysfunctional Tear Displacement or as we know it, Dry Eye Syndrome? It comes about from the fact the voters’ eyes collectively glaze over after saturation with the shellac of so many disingenuous statements from the chief resident of the oval office.

This contagious disease spreads when listening to Barack Obama as he sits on his pedestal continually whining about inheriting a country so totally out of step with the rest of the New World Order he needs to tear the whole system apart and re-build it in his image. That’s an image of a diplomatically inexperienced, incompetent, socially divisive, and megalomaniacal person thinking because he has collegiate degrees he knows best how to run America and lead the free world.

That means he’d lead America to a second rate posture in a socialist paradise complete with the rotten foundation the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics (Communist Russia) once commanded until it fell from its own decay and lack of principles.

Technocracies fail because Technocrats live in ivory towers apart from the masses. They preach their doctrine and are absent from the consequences of their actions. They believe because they have extended educations they alone know what’s best for others.

Very few real technocrats (theoreticians without practical skills) who construct, build or implement the construction of mechanisms completing the tasks they promote. Technocrats promote theories, but most never raise the “brain child” (BC) past its embryonic stages of development. They count on craftsmen to complete the growth of the BC and round out the rough edges of existence so it can have a decent lifespan and usefulness.

Technocracy is similar to parental surrogacy. One impregnates the germ of an idea into the thought process of another, not related host. The host takes the basics given to it and nurtures the growth of the embryo, keeping it safe as it grows, develops and ultimately matures enough to take its place outside of the incubator. The environment the embryo grows in is NOT the donor’s. The donor suggests, directs, guides and targets developmental guidelines; but it doesn’t really come into direct contact with the embryo.

As another example: an Architect/Engineer develops an architectural building plan. He/she lays out the parameters of the construct and based on available knowledge describes the cement mixture, the frame construction and the dimensions of all of this matter. It’s theoretical until a Builder takes the idea and starts putting the raw materials together creating the building. Nowhere does the architect grab a welder and start joining Rebar. He/she doesn’t blend and mix cement into concrete. He/she doesn’t move girders and pilot cranes or any of the other tools necessary to actually implement the ideas put on paper by a Technocrat.

While it’s true the architect will supervise the construction, don’t expect them to get dirty. These people are like military generals: most lead from the rear. They’re removed from the realities. They do the Public Relations (PR) about mission accomplishment and building deadline completions but didn’t get the real job done.

Politics is like this. Ideologues like Obama have extensive theoretical educations and are masters at delivering the blueprints. But the actual construction of the structure must be buildable. Because you say the structure can be shored up to a point of proper function doesn’t mean it will. Theories are disprovable as readily as they are proven with a minor deviation to the design.

Russia under Communism developed the Farming Collective. It took the land from the people and gave it to the state. Then the people were expected to farm the land and everybody would benefit from the COLLECTIVE proceeds. It failed. Nobody wants to labor to get their profits re-distributed to people who didn’t work as hard. Labor slowed.

You can’t make a sick horse pull as well as a healthy one. The sick horse was the theory that couldn’t be put into action because a theory is no more than what it is. It has to be put into action and constructed by people living in the real world.

Obama has NO idea where that world is.

Thanks for listening.



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