Some People Just Shouldn’t Vote–Yeah, I Said It.

I have been waiting for someone to say it, but I haven’t heard anyone say it. I guess I’ll say it–if you don’t have a photo ID of any kind, you shouldn’t vote.

Sorry, move along…you’re wasting our time.

The Dept. of Justice, under the helm of Eric Holder, has slapped down South Carolina’s new polling place Photo ID law.

This is the same gun-running U.S. Attorney General who didn’t think it was worth his time to prosecute members of the New Black Panther Party for standing in front of polling places with billy-clubs in the 2008 presidential election.

The DOJ said that the new law would disenfranchise voters, particularly minority voters, because they were less likely to have photo IDs than other voters. I’m really not surprised that our society has come to this, but it’s just sickening.

Here is the cold, hard truth– If a person can’t vote because they don’t have a photo ID, it’s their own damned fault and they are really not the kind of people who should be voting anyway.

I won’t listen to any whining about someone being just too poor to afford a photo ID. That’s just a crock.

As I have written in a previous post, studies have shown that most people to live below the poverty line in this country have a car, air conditioning. two color televisions, cable or satellite TV, a DVD player, a VCR, a cell phone, an Xbox and a PlayStation.

It cost $21 in Louisiana to get a state-issued photo ID.

You would only have had to start saving about 10 cents per-week when President Obama was elected in 2008 to be able to afford a photo ID by the time he ran for re-election. If it’s not worth the sacrifice, if you just can’t be bothered to do the right thing—screw you. I don’t want you to vote.

Voting is mostly characterized as a right of citizenship and it is. It’s also a responsibility and citizens are free to shirk it if they please. It’s really not my concern if they do. People shirk responsibility all the time. It’s nothing new. Some don’t take proper care of their children, some don’t take care of  their health and, yes, some don’t bother to meet minimal requirements to be able to vote. So what?

I don’t want to have to talk anyone into voting and, frankly, if you only showed up to vote because you saw an empty-headed celebrity on TV telling you to “rock the vote”–please, please stay home.

Good men and women have spilled blood here and abroad to give people in this country the right to vote. In recent years, people have stood in lines in the Arabian desert making themselves targets for bloodthirsty terrorists, before joyfully waving purple ink-staining fingers in front of cameras signifying they had voted. How pathetic it is for the DOJ to make the case that requiring that people get a simple photo ID is oppression of some kind.

Presenting a photo ID is the easiest way to make sure that the person voting is actually the same person registered to vote. It’s not a sure-fire way to prevent vote fraud, but it helps. Responsible citizens should want to do everything in their power to protect the integrity of the ballot box and should demand that their state, at least, make people show a photo to vote.

One of the most ridiculous arguments that I have heard–and I have seen two people say it on television over the last week or so–is that photo IDs are not needed because a person is more likely to be struck by lightening than commit vote fraud.

Stop and think about this argument for a few seconds.

For those who might not understand how ludicrous the argument is, here is a little illustration to help you:


This is Ms. Judy. She lives down the street and bakes cookies every Saturday for the Sunday School class she teaches at the First Baptist Church.

She also enjoys crocheting sweaters for her Yorkshire Terrier while watching the Oprah network.

It would say that Mr. Judy has about a zero percent chance of knocking over a liquor store.





I’m not really sure what this guy’s name is, because I’ve never seen his face under the bandana he wears while driving slowly past the same liquor store each week with a loaded glock under his seat.

If he doesn’t get pulled over by police before the end of the week, it would say he has about a 100 percent chance of knocking over that liquor store.

Interestingly enough, he and ms. Judy have about the same statistical chance of being struck by lightening. Weird, huh?

The point is is that crooks out to do something bad are going to do something bad and vote fraud is one of the bad things they do.

Remember how ACORN thugs working for the Obama campaign in 2008 gathered an estimated 400,000 fraudulent voter registrations in 21 states? How about the way Obama used vote fraud to get on the 2008 Indiana primary ballot?

Holder has already laid out his blueprint to perpetuate vote fraud to get Obama re-elected, so it’s no surprise that he is using race–something he’s good at–to make sure that the cheating continues.

Anyone who really cared about the integrity of our elections would be telling losers who think it’s too hard to get a photo ID  to do the county a favor and stay home on election day.

In another era,  slaves ran through dark woods with dogs snapping at their heels, following the Underground Railroad to freedom. Holder insults the memory of these men women by implying that black people now neither possess the wits or the resources to obtain a photo ID to vote.

Listen to Rev. Pearly Brown sing about the Underground Railroad and ask what his grandmother, born a slave, would have said if she were told that all she needed was to get a photo ID to be able to vote:



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