Tangipahoa Parish The Latest Potential Boom Area As Tuscaloosa Marine Shale Rollout Continues

Our buddy Doug Mouton at WWL has the story…

Tangipahoa isn’t the first place the wells are going up. Penny Font at the Baton Rouge Business Report had a piece late last month about the activity in the Felicianas as the oil patch begins to work the Tuscaloosa Marine Shale, and they’ve been executing mineral leases in Avoyelles Parish since the summer.

The Tuscaloosa Marine Shale play stretches from the Sabine River to the Pearl River, in a swath that runs from a the area around I-10 up through Rapides Parish. Alexandria and Hammond both look like they might end up as oil boomtowns as a result of the Tuscaloosa Marine, which supposedly contains both oil – to the tune of seven billion barrels of black gold – and natural gas.

A map…

The really interesting thing is, as big a deal as this play is, it’s really only one of four oil and/or gas plays affecting Louisiana.

Everybody knows about the Haynesville Shale, and how big a deal it is; Haynesville is the number-one producing natural gas play in America at present, even though production out of it is nowhere near what it could be if natural gas prices were to rise.

And most folks know that oil and gas in the central Gulf of Mexico off our coast is present in staggering proportions.

But there’s a fourth play out there. Another map…

There aren’t any estimates of how much product the Brown Dense Shale holds, but folks in North Louisiana are even more excited about it than Haynesville – because while Haynesville is just natural gas, Brown Dense has oil as well – and that makes it a good bit more economic to produce.

The long and short of this is that practically regardless of where you live in Louisiana you should be a big fan of the oil and gas industry – because in the next decade this state has the potential to be one of the greatest energy producers in the world – and that’s not hyperbole. The riches Louisiana stands to reap from these oil and gas finds give us another chance at transforming from an economic weakling to a leader; we had that chance during the oil boom of the 1960’s and 1970’s, and promptly blew it thanks to crooked politicians and stupid policies.

Maybe we’ll do better this time.

But in any event, it’s in our interest to get the federal government out of the way and get this product out of the ground. Folks from Tanigpahoa to Morehouse to DeSoto and beyond sure could use a little prosperity.



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