Eating The Shrapnel

Keystone (n): A central stone at the summit of an arch, locking the whole together. The central principle or part of a policy, system, etc., on which all else depends.

Pennsylvania’s motto is: The Keystone State. This is because of its fundamental importance to the colonies as an entity in the in the 1600s. It was a center for commerce, energy production and became the site of the fledgling United States’ capitol and seat of government for a short period of time. Its symbol is the Keystone as it’s represented in the construction of bridge or structure supporting an arched doorway.

The Keystone is more than an emblem; it’s representative of its ability to create the solidity and solidarity of its link holding things together passively, yet dynamically when used properly. It accepts the pressures exerted by opposing forces and spreads the load responsibility BACK toward its genesis. If you want to understand what it looks like look at the front of a popular brand of ketchup.

Barack Obama has decided to NOT permit the Keystone XL Pipeline project. This is sad. This is regrettable. This is a STUPID act committed by a STUPID man proclaiming his STUPID dogma takes precedence over men and women needing jobs. It’s proof positive this STUPID presidential imposter has NO idea how to produce jobs.

We endure his lack of leadership in an economy showing all the signs of an 1812 warship trying to combat a 21st Century Aircraft carrier: it’s sluggishly slow, it’s technocratically inferior and its inability to compete is quickly becoming evident as the seas of world economic contest grow more and more hazardous. As he tries so hard to emulate the tragedy of European economic policy, any and all efforts to launch lifeboats are quashed because this guy thinks he walks on water so we all should be able to. His political posturing for a weather gauge is moving this windjammer across the bow of disaster.

The Keystone XL program would have produced hundreds, if not thousands, of jobs for Americans particularly challenged by Obama’s poorly crafted economic policies and ignorance of their failing implementation. Jobs would have been created on both sides of the U.S. / Canadian border. The economy would have improved. The people supported it. The unions supported it. Republicans supported it.

But Obama wanted to appease his tree-hugger complainants and advance HIS agenda. He catered to the whims of people believing the program would be bad for the environment. It’s true; it’s going to be really bad for the political environment he and his opponents dwell in, covers pulled tightly over their heads, so as not to be aware of the economic perils lurking under the bed they’ve all decided they want to share: partisan politics.

Remember that line in the first full paragraph: “…it accepts the pressures exerted by opposing forces and spreads the load responsibility BACK toward its genesis”. This will prove true because the cowards running the Republican Party have kowtowed to the petulant whims of this reality challenged theorist so they could posture as being the people’s true representatives.

John Boehner has dropped his speaking voice a little deeper into the well so it almost sounds sincere when he says the Keystone Project may be moved to China; and he says that’s a bad thing.

NO Spit (sic) John. What did you do to help keep it here? What did you and the Republicans do with a spoiled brat political adolescent holding a hand-grenade daring you to do something? Did you pull the trigger and stop him. Or did you wait as he sat idly by and waited until you Republicans attached a rider to a bill needing approval just so they could say you got one over on the opposition.

He pulled the pin and BANG! now America eats the shrapnel. Some protector you Republicans are. Petty political parasites lurk on both sides of the aisle. You deserve derision and disgust.

These pressures WILL be exerted backward AGAINST BOTH opposing forces to spread the load responsibility BACK toward its genesis.

Concerned citizens in this country will see to it you dumb basses.

Thanks for listening.

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