James O’Keefe’s Latest: The Dead Come Alive On Election Day In New Hampshire

Kudos to James O’Keefe, who put this together. It’s dead people almost voting in New Hampshire Tuesday…

Of course, there is no requirement that voters show ID in New Hampshire. That’s OK; it’s impossible for anybody to vote in place of a dead guy. We know this because Mr. Yellow Afro ward coordinator assures us it’s the case.

Note the birth dates of the dead guys O’Keefe’s people are posing as? All at least 80 years old. If those kids are much older than 25 it’d be a surprise. And yet the poor volunteers at the polling places aren’t even allowed to ask for ID when it should be patently obvious they’re near-attempts at vote fraud. One imagines that O’Keefe got a lawyer to advise the participants in this sting to document clearly that they don’t actually vote, and that’s why it shows up on tape.

The point being, this is incontrovertible proof of how easy it is to make the dead come alive on Election Day in a place where voter ID isn’t the law.

And yet Eric Holder and the Democrat Party have the temerity to suggest that it’s racism and bigotry on the part of evil Republicans which is behind voter ID laws that would prevent just about all of what you see on this video.

It would be a terrific idea if the GOP presidential candidates would make an enormous issue out of voter ID laws and pledge to support them through their choices for Attorney General. And to denounce Holder and his flagrant attempts at enabling, if not promoting, voter fraud. This video proves what a disgusting, transparent political hack Holder is and how the policy he’s attempting to force on the states is unworkable in preserving the integrity of our elections.

Of all the horrid abuses by the current administration, this might well be the worst.

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