The Bama Fan Sexual Assault Video Story Begins To Get More Interesting is on the case, and they’re having a field day with it.

And guess what they turned up?

Mobile, Ala.’s WKRG opened its 10 p.m. newscast with the video of an Alabama fan teabagging an LSU fan at the Bourbon Street Krystal after the BCS title game. What WKRG failed to mention is that one of the stars of the video is none other than Patrick Setterstrom, a recent college grad and son of the station’s sports director, Randy Patrick Setterstrom. Indeed, if you watch the video, it’s Patrick Setterstrom who first attempts to pull out his package before girlfriend Ellen Cassin (who’s conveniently wearing a jersey with her own name on it) stops him.


Our contacts in Mobile tell us that Setterstrom pere is a rather demonstrable Alabama homer, which is no particular sin in itself. Setterstrom fils is one of the worst offenders in the video; he’s the first Alabama fan who begins to pull his johnson out until his girlfriend dissuades him. And the two continue on the video as spectators for the criminal abuse which follows.

But the main perpetrator is as yet unidentified. For now. Though it wouldn’t be a surprise if Deadspin cracks the case long before the New Orleans Police Department does…

A number of tipsters identified the couple for us. We tried to contact Patrick Setterstrom and Ellen Cassin for their sides of the story, and because we get the sense they know the individual who eventually does assault the LSU fan. Both Patrick and Ellen deleted their Facebooks immediately after I contacted them. I’ve also gotten no response from emails or phone calls to WKRG’s Randy Patrick Setterstrom, who during his own report later in last night’s newscast made no mention of the video. We’d love to know his reaction to seeing his son in the shot—or if he even noticed.

If Patrick and Ellen somehow don’t know the perpetrator, they have a ton of pictures of him and of the incident in general—you can see them posing for the photos in the video we posted on Sunday. Since the New Orleans police are investigating this case, those photos are probably of some importance right now.

One would imagine that kind of pressure would ultimately come to bear on Setterstrom – particularly when his father is a public figure with a television job he’d rather not lose thanks to bad publicity – and he might identify the perp to the Orleans Parish DA’s office when they come calling.

If not, Deadspin might yet deliver said perp before long…

If Alabama fans are truly as angry about this incident as the emails we’ve received from so many of them suggest, you’d figure one of them would know the teabagger’s name. The tip line’s open. Here’s the most detailed tip we’ve gotten:

I met this guy at The Rusty Nail in New Orleans earlier that day. He said his name is Brian and he was from Pheonix [sic] City, Alabama. He’s married and has a 3 month old baby….(which he decided to tell us rudely that he left at home so he could have more fun). He was completely intoxicated and rude the whole entire time, even to the Alabama fans.

Also, those interested who can stomach listening to Paul Finebaum’s radio show can hear this call, in which a female named Melanie recounts having seen the whole incident. How much of this to believe is up to the beholder – Melanie says the victim was drunk and hostile, got into a shoving match on the street with an Alabama fan, went into the Krystal with his girlfriend and subsequently was abandoned by her as he passed out at the counter. She says a Krystal employee did shoo away a group of Alabama fans who built a pyramid of empty burger cartons on his back, and then a second group came which included  the perps from the video. Most interesting is the fact that Melanie says she talked to the NOPD earlier in the day and gave them her account.

A bad night for the victim, without a doubt. But likely an even worse week for the law enforcement agencies in New Orleans if they don’t pursue this case when there is clearly a good deal of public outrage about it – and a likely identification of the perpetrator by Deadspin or someone else.



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