Vitter, On CNBC’s Squawk Box With Hoeven And Johnson, Touts Keystone XL Pipeline

Great stuff.

The other two senators are Ron Johnson (R-WI) and John Hoeven (R-ND). They’re making the case for how stupid it is not to build the Keystone XL pipeline.

Perhaps lefties can gripe about the segment being biased, since nobody from the Natural Resources Defense Council or Sierra Club are on to argue with them.

The counter to that is putting a moonbat like this on against three U.S. Senators probably doesn’t help the enviros’ argument much…

Incidentally, this business of “strip-mining boreal forests” to extract oil from the tar sands in Alberta is so much idiotic propaganda.

Boreal forest, after all, isn’t anything magical. It’s a bunch of conifer trees in an area comprising over 3.1 million square kilometers. So far, in the tar sands they’d actually disturbed a grand total of 71,000 hectares of that as of a year ago.

And in case you’re not aware, one hectare is 0.01 square kilometers. Which means that 710 square kilometers had been disturbed as of a year ago.

Know what really disturbs the boreal forests in Canada? Forest fires. Forest fires consume about 28,000 square kilometers of boreal forest a year there. But as Wikipedia notes, those fires don’t really kill the ecosystem…

Since the emergence of the boreal forest after the Ice Age, a natural arboreal life cycle has emerged, whereby natural clearing mechanisms – fire, insects, disease and extreme winds – would kill off large tracts of trees and spark the necessary rebirth. New trees would grow in place of the burnt ones. Species like lodgepole and jack pine have resin sealed cones. In a fire, the resin melts and the pods open, allowing their seeds to scatter so that a new pine forest will grow within two decades. It has been estimated that prior to western colonization, this renewal process occurred on average every 75 to 100 years and created even aged stands interspaced with natural fire breaks. Fire continues to cause the greatest amount of forest disturbance because of the predominance of coniferous trees whose needles are more readily combustible than the leaves and bark of deciduous trees.

In other words, these aren’t exactly sequoias. They’re pine trees. Pine trees are easy as all get out to grow.

And it turns out that the companies who are “strip-mining the boreal forests” are growing pine trees when they’re done with the land…

There is no good argument against building the Keystone XL pipeline. The arguments against it are nonsense even if the false premises behind them are accepted – namely, that somehow the Canadians are going to stop producing oil from the tar sands because we’re not building the pipeline (they’ll just run a pipeline to Vancouver and put the oil on supertankers for China) or that some sort of permanent harm to the environment is behind done by clearing pine forests and peat bog which are easily replaceable.

Of course, we have a president who is pandering to Luddite extremists. He’s throwing in with people who believe that it’s somehow reasonable to force people to live in cramped cities and use public transportation rather than to engage in mining and manufacturing, and he’s siding with moonbats instead of average Americans.

Ask us who our choice is for the GOP nomination? Considering what we have now, any one of the candidates currently running is a massive improvement and a radical departure from the insanity currently prevailing in this White House.

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