Maybe The Least Exciting Basketball Video You’ll Ever See

Instead of wasting your time with cats running around on a soccer pitch like Oscar just did, we figure we’d offer something a little more substantial.

Like how about a 7’5″ kid playing high school basketball against a bunch of six-foot white guys? It’s more curious than compelling – or like something out of a comedy routine.

The leaf-eater in question is Mamadou Ndiaye, an exchange student from Senegal who is at Brethren Christian School in Huntington Beach, California. He’s 17, and he’s a junior, and he scores 23 points a game with 13 rebounds a game to go with it. Which are good numbers. If he could learn to shoot free throws they’d be even better.

Ndiaye’s is a fairly interesting story

Ndiaye’s trek to the U.S. is a strange and secretive one, complete with two different schools of enrollments of 250 students or fewer. The first of those, Simi Valley (Calif.) Stoneridge Prep, helped Ndiaye get a student visa … and a physical examination, where they discovered he had a large tumor on his pituitary gland which was likely contributing to his rampant growth and also impinging on his sense of sight. Doctors estimated he had two years to remove the tumor, at most, or risk losing all sight.

While Stoneridge Prep couldn’t afford to fund his surgery, charitable donations did, and a married couple who lives near Brethren Christian became the enormous Senegalese teen’s official legal guardians.

What did the couple want in return for their guardianship? Only for Ndiaye to get to be a normal American teenager, according to Bahnsen, who noted that the African native rides an oversized bike everywhere he goes and has fallen in love with Chinese food.

The YouTube above has gone viral in the last 10 days since it went up, with over 3 million views.

Cameron Smith of Yahoo! Sports summed this up pretty well

As you can see above, Ndiaye is so dominant at the high school level, it’s almost like watching a cat toy with a mouse, except that the mouse might have a better chance of acquiring a tiny shotgun to defend himself against a cat than high school defenders have of stopping Ndiaye. It’s like having Secretariat in a pony race. It’s like bringing a tommy gun to the OK corral. It’s like having Hillary Clinton and Colin Powell on a high school model UN squad. It’s like … well, you get the picture.

Essentially, all Brethren Christian has to do to score is get the ball past midcourt, then lob it in the general vicinity of Ndiaye, who pivots and dunks. If they want to stop an opponent from scoring, they just have to slow them down long enough to get Ndiaye back in the paint and let him get ready to block the shot.

Wash, rinse, repeat and win. It’s an easy formula.

Interestingly enough, Ndiaye isn’t the only 7-foot-exchange-student-at-a-nice-prep-school story. There’s another one going in in Metairie, where Australian import Thon Maker is at Country Day. Maker is a lot more accomplished from a skills standpoint than Ndiaye. And he’s also in 8th grade.

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