Obama’s Uneducated Lecture To The National Governor’s Association

The National Governor’s Association is more a showcase for dysfunctional politics than it is a foundation for bipartisan solutions to America’s ills.

Barack Obama appeared as keynote speaker and performed his usual rhetorical sleight of hand. He spent his time pointing his finger at Republican governors and basically putting the Republican Party down as he directed attention away from his dismal failure as leader of the Free World.

In an attempt to appear as though he knows about something called the Constitution of the United States, he proposed the idea (a relatively novel one for him) states understandably had problems with severe budgetary problems and fiscal belt tightening to the point of colonic restriction. He feels states should cut in places other than education. He also gave a passing nod at the problem of states needing to be in charge of the issue. This of course makes it look like he understands the 10th Amendment, something he regularly treats as a constitutional faux pas created by men too uneducated to understand the Constitution and Bill of Rights as he does. Those people would be the original signees of the document, or as we’ve come to affectionately refer to them, the Founding Fathers.

The reason states have so much trouble with their budgets is so much of the money states could collect is sent to a chronically, critically and morbidly obese federal government so it can support those who will not work, with the funds provided by those who must. Other than that found between Obama’s ears, the fat in the federal coffers is choking America’s commercial and educational arteries to the point of atherosclerotic stricture. That of course means there’s so much money misdirected, the proper flow of it to areas needing the most support is confined and thus, choked off.

It’s relatively easy for an outsider to suggest you redirect your budget to be more practical and efficient. The dolt telling you to get it done doesn’t normally offer any ideas as to what would be better to cut. They simply pass judgment while directing and expecting you should know how stupidly you’ve screwed things up and just need to man up and succeed because they say you should.

They always forget they have a history, a track record showing they can’t get their own job done; but they’ll sure as god made little green apples be willing to criticize you for doing what’s best for you and yours.

That special characteristic of telling others disconnected from a particular mindset is a result of having no practical experience in the real world. None of them have ever had to stretch a $1000.00 monthly budget to cover two adults and two kids successfully. Therefore they have NO idea how to cut budgets because they only know how to leverage an impotent congress to continually raise a debt ceiling on paper with less value than that on the little roll in your bathroom.  That state or that family living on a fixed set of assets doesn’t have the ability to plant the magic beans to grow a successful economy from the overly restrictive and regulated strangulation of state budgets and small business.

But Obama has no problem climbing into his tux and glad-handing people he works against daily from his position above and far away from reality.

So, we ask the question: where do you want us to cut? You won’t let us touch welfare, food stamps or AFDC for multiple children born after initial access to the program; you now, back when it was an AID to Families with Dependent Children and not Aiding Families Dependent on Developing Children for a paycheck. We can’t even take their free cell phones away.

You won’t let us limit the intrusion of labor unions into our school systems so they can bloat and constrict the proper functions of systems you take NO part in directing. They’re our kids: not yours Obama.

It’s easy to sit on the national throne and dump one edict after another onto the heads of the tenants you see as beneath you. It’s another to think we’ll put up with it forever.

Get a clue man.

Thanks for listening.

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