The Day Of Atonement

Barack Obama quotes scripture to justify taxing people. Luke 12:48 says: “From everyone who has been given much, much will be demanded; and from the one who has been entrusted with much, much more will be asked.” He chose this tract to make his point.

Just what the heck is his point?

It’s interesting to note he was extremely hesitant in his reading of this tract. It indicated he’s NOT all that familiar with the passage. Evidently the reverend Jeremiah Wright must have missed pounding this pulpit-point when Barack and company were following that particular format of “Christian religious instruction”.

The Teleprompter must have had a hiccup because he could be seen looking down to his “prepared” text.

First he demands Catholic Hospitals must allow for birth control information and services be provided to everybody and then abortions must be provided in order to get federal dollars. This includes employees. This is in direct opposition to Catholic Church doctrine. It violates the consciences of millions of devout Christians.
The question needs asking: is this man’s interference in freedom of religion a refusal of tax dollars to hospitals associated with or run by church organizations? Or, is this a statement and a threat directed at American taxpayers they may not access tax dollars they contributed if for matters of conscience they reject birth control and abortion?

Then there’s the next question: does this guy not understand he’s an elected official (and as such readily and easily replaceable) and not a deity unto himself?
In one breath, the man indicates his command of Constitutional Law is superior to those coming before him so he believes he can choose at any moment to dismiss the moral structure and beliefs of large percentages of taxpayers. He’s a secularist one day and a “Christian” the next when it needs to fit his rather rotary thought process. It’s all a matter of convenience for him. Whatever his needs today is what he’ll espouse.

Obama chose to enter a venue, the National Prayer Breakfast, and politicize the event for his own purposes. His self-centered and egotistical over-reach to enlist Luke as an apostolic ally and willing cohort in this attempted hijacking of moral direction is typical of him.

Obama checks to see if he’s floating above the water in the shower. Because he’s uniformly found to be all wet (along with his policies and politics) he misinterprets the evidence as showing he’s well-grounded in his theories. Because he walks with the masses he thinks he can feed us baloney and Kool-Aid® and have us believing it’s the transformation of bread and water to fish and wine.

The man just can’t pull off the illusion. He can’t be a secularist one day and a “good Christian” the next. You can’t proclaim advocacy of “women’s health issues” and elective birth control and abortion and say you understand and appreciate the moral conscience of any faith’s membership and adherents. It smacks of his worst personal attribute: his overwhelming hypocrisy.

Obama pretends he’s America’s President. He’s the President of the United States. That’s true. But America is a different entity. Where the United States are the body of this land: Americanism is the heart. Where the United States are the physical structure of a continent; Americanism is the soul. Where the United States are the statement of one nation, it is said we are such “under God”; not a presidential edict. And as such we are a nation of people expressing our faith in differing ways.

This man, this alleged president, must honor us as citizens he MUST represent as well. He CANNOT be selective in his representation.

But he does this with impunity, or at least the belief he can’t be challenged on the fact.

The convenient conscience has been noted in this man and other before him. It was seen in the Nixon Administration, under Clinton and his exercise in perjury. There have been others thought themselves above the people. It seems to come with the job.

But all of them share one thing: the shame of their pretensions.

There will be a day of atonement.

Thanks for listening.

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