A Little Blast From The Past: Doing The Hadacol Boogie With Sen. Dudley LeBlanc

Louisiana is known for nothing if not its colorful characters. Included in that motley roster is the late four-term State Sen. Dudley LeBlanc.

Few of today’s Democrats are as blatantly honest as LeBlanc was, who was an often guest on Groucho Marx’s “You Bet Your Life.”

Sure, Democrats still want to “soak the rich,” but LeBlanc was an entrepreneur who made a fortune with Hadacol, a vitamin supplement that contained 12 percent alcohol. The elixir could be sold in dry parishes in Louisiana and counties across the South, as well as be consumed by teetotalers who wanted an extra kick in their health regiment.

After he made his money, he wanted to keep it. Today’s Democrats—who seem to only want to spend tax payers’ money—could learn a thing or two from LeBlanc:

In honor of this great Louisianian, here is the Hadacol Boogie performed by my fellow Ferridaian Jerry Lee Lewis, another one of Louisiana’s colorful characters. Rock on, Killer:



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