LSU Baseball Didn’t Look Good Yesterday And Probably Won’t Today, But Don’t Hold It Against Them…

…because you’d look like hell if you were on death’s door, too.

Aaron Fitt is Baseball America’s college baseball writer, so he ought to know.

Notre Dame blasted LSU 7-1 yesterday, and the team looked inexplicably unenergetic. Heck, I was sitting in the stands for it and it made me sick to watch them.

But playing baseball with a stomach virus isn’t easy to do.

Strangely enough, this is the second time this year the team has taken sick. Two weeks ago Appalachian State come into Baton Rouge and wiped out LSU 1-0 and 11-0 on Saturday and Sunday, and the fans threw their hands up and declared this team stinks like the last two, and Paul Mainieri has to go.

Then it came out that half the club came down with the flu that weekend.

Now it has happened again. And it’s worse this time, complete with hospitalization.

And the SEC schedule starts on Friday.

Mainieri needs a little more speed in his lineup, and definitely more power hitting. For now, though, he’d probably settle for some stronger immune systems.



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