A Quick Note About Comments On The Site…

…we’re making a rather significant change today.

Namely, we’re throwing out Disqus, which has been our comment engine, and we’re switching over to the Facebook social plugin.

By doing that we’re making it easier for folks to comment, and also harder for “anonymous” people to come in and spam the comment section.

We think this will work better than what we’ve had to date. But it does come at a cost – namely, there’s no way to migrate old comments into the new system so we’re losing those.

To our frequent commenters, we apologize for the inconvenience associated with the switch. Hopefully this will make for a more interactive Hayride for everybody. Everybody but the spammers, that is.

Our readers might also notice a few other minor changes to the site, as our archives are a lot more accessible where older articles are concerned, which makes it a bit easier to catch up if you’ve been away from the site for a while. We’ve also put in a few other little tweaks as well, and more are ongoing. We think they’re all going to make this an incrementally better site, so when this upgrade project is done we’ll be an easier browse.



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