Not Much Good To Come From Homogenizing America

Secretary of Defense Leon Panetta is a man I once respected as a great American and an ideal to pattern oneself after. Today I think he’s an idiot worthy of relegation to a home for the terminally senile or worse, incredibly stupid and insensitive. I not only question his patriotism I place in question his loyalty to America.

This man has betrayed a trusted ally by prematurely announcing that ally’s defensive battle plan. He’s also said we must seek approval from the United Nations (UN) before conducting foreign affairs. Panetta stated before the Senate Armed Services Committee that: “International permission trumps congressional permission for military actions.” He was answering the question about initiating a “no fly zone” over Syria.

My first response was to tell him to get his next paycheck from the UN and while he was at it, pledge allegiance to the flags of our enemies so we can better target him personally when the balloon goes up. The second can’t be printed in a family publication.

It’s shocking to hear a Cabinet Member of Panetta’s standing speak such in his placing his home nation’s Constitution behind the UN Charter. That makes at least three Obama Cabinet Members should be impeached: this idiot, Kathleen Sibelius and Eric Holder. They all place too much stock in Socialist and Marxist principles. They decry individuality and promote group think with each passing day.

American Patriotism has been under assault from without and within. Where a nation was created from a disparate and contrasting ensemble of immigrants taking pride in becoming Americans; we’ve devolved into a disparate and inharmonious ensemble of spoiled brats seeking to become disunited states wanting personal recognition for non-existent nationalism. The United Nations was developed to allow for ALL voices to come together in harmony and drive to improve the world’s lot for negotiated settlement over the desolation of warfare.

Enter the world of politics, with its secretive liaisons, self-serving coalitions and regime confederations seeking control over all by ignoring the right of the few to differ. Now, under Obama; America is sliding downward toward the morass of convoluted and confusing policy steps guaranteed to remove the notoriety and respect of America in the worldview.

Obama and his cronies are looking to assure only those like them, will standardize and align all citizens into regimented rankings with the technocrat/politicians at the top. All others will pay homage to the greatness and largesse of the state. The first step is to assault the Constitution.

Obama has a check marked this as a completed action.

Next, extend the plastic olive branch to the UN and offer to accept the guidance of such stellar democracies as Syria, Saudi Arabia, Russia, Colombia, Venezuela, China and the array of oligarchies and anti-American nations. They’re looking to gain by diplomacy, subversive, rapine negotiations, intrigue and skullduggery what at one time they had no hope of gaining by military conquest.

This administration has displaced the heritage of strength, decency and honor America has always been noted for in the world. Duplicitous connivance and dishonest collusion with the principles of long dead philosophers has produced a world where America has no place. Those long dead philosophers were proven wrong by fact and in time. Fools like Obama and his cronies think themselves so much smarter than the people they emulate. These are the same people tried and failed to create Utopian Socialism in Russia and China. We see how well that’s worked.

Obama and Panetta and Clinton and all the other “Progressive” Politicians seeking to incrementally change  America by homogenizing its individualistic values out of it are doomed to failure as much as their predecessors.

We have a legacy of American Pride these fools cannot easily remove from the consciousness and conscience of the people still proud to proclaim – We Are America. These fools can hope for change, they can seek to fundamentally change America. They can’t succeed if they can’t control this ship of state’s helm and direction. Our ancestors set a course based on conscience, individuality, pride and service to our brothers and sisters.

You can’t homogenize our freedom out of us.

Thanks for listening.



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