Obama’s Missing Energy Link

Daily, we’re allowed to peer into the inner workings of one of the great political repositories of liberal thinking: the mind of Barack Obama. To my observation and understanding of how synaptic function and nerve interaction engenders coherent thought, I can see and appreciate what appears to be the man’s collection of logical and cogent thought processes. Or, what he puts across as such.

It reminds me of the Luray Caverns; magnificent in appearance on first blush, but after being involved with it long enough you can see it’s still no more than a large, empty cavern with distracting lights. There are thousands of stalagmites and stalactites, but in the end result, just what good do they do you? Layers upon layers of calcified theories dripped continuously on top of each other don’t really have any purpose. They’re just there to look good.

Get the drift? Because this guy’s about as drifty as they can get.

He’ll announce his pending Executive Order allowing the construction of the Keystone XL Pipeline project from Cushing Oklahoma to the Gulf of Mexico. He really hopes this will get him out of trouble with his union bosses whom he dribbled tee-tee on when he dismissed the entire project a few weeks back. Now he’s going to “make it A-L-L-L better” with a kiss and a pat on the head. The unions are gracious enough to accept the humble supplications of this servile pet politician if there’s enough money in it.

But I have a question I think is appropriate. Just how does he plan to move the oil, deposited and stored in Canada (you know, that sovereign nation north of this sovereign nation?) to Cushing Oklahoma? Will it employ solar, wind or algae to transport this magical petro-offering for the Gods o’ Liberality?

Obama’s failed to understand the underlying tumult brought this ceiling down around his ears. That would be his rejecting petro- energy production, thus not bringing about economic stimulation and requiring copious amounts of taxpayer dollars to overcome. (Just thought I’d point it out.)

The Missing Link is the gap between the points of production (Canada) and the point of refinement (the Gulf of Mexico). This is also a pretty long link we’re missing. It’s 1897 miles from Alberta Canada to Cushing Oklahoma. It’s also noted much of the oil could be shipped by (wait for it) – train. Now isn’t that energy efficient by Obaman standards? Or, we could move it over to Oklahoma by truck. That would lower the carbon footprint on this venture; you know changing from gasoline engendered emissions to diesel engendered emissions?

That’s a difference; right?

Or is it the fact the guy doesn’t really think beyond the latest talking point to keep himself elected and thus in somebody’s future history book. And, it must be made sure and certain that Barack Obama is deliberately and conclusively worthy of his place in history. We must always remember, from prior examples he’s allowed us, what mistakes we should NOT ever repeat.

To start his travels on a positive note Obama went to the Copper Mountain Solar 1 Facility in Nevada, a place where solar energy reigns supreme and provides a generous living for a workforce numbering far into the double digits (10) at a cost of a mere $42 Million to stay in business producing energy for 17 thousand households.  That’s an efficiency ratio of $2470.59:1 or another way to look at it; for the creation of ten jobs plus materials to create this solar harvesting gem it cost $4,200,000 per job created.

You’ve got to admit the economic stimulus of this program is somewhat equivalent to a dead man’s need for Viagra. Hey! Maybe he’ll use these numbers in his next campaign.

It must be mentioned Obama will remember where he misplaced the missing link when and if he wins re-election. This will be all the better for America. That’s because there’s the really good chance he won’t be re-elected and we’ll get the pipeline anyway.

Who said we should have a country based on Hope and Change?

Sign me up as hoping for change.

Thanks for listening.



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