It’s Pretty Easy To Gamble With Somebody Else’s Money

Just another Monday morning. The coffee’s hot and the politics is tepid as usual. It’s tepid because it’s the same old thing of ego-maniacs preening and posturing rather than working on solving problems.

The Republicans are still involved in this blood-letting they call the “Primaries”. The primary element to the blood-letting is their circuitous form of knife-fighting. They keep sliding their knives through their ribs and into the heart of the campaigns.

None understand the need to become unified: on anything. While it looks like the candidates are focusing their efforts on Obama’s (and the Democratic Party) failing economic policies and their tunnel-vision placed on “green energy” programs needing decades to bring to fruition; they refuse to attack these incongruities successfully.

Obama made commentary concerning “our” need to gamble on green energy for the future. To hades with you who feel you need energy solutions TODAY, not in ten years. But more interesting is the fact this guy would talk about “gambling” when he’s shown he doesn’t even know what it means to “bluff”.

He is a lawyer. He is a collegiate professor. He is ignorant to the point of stupidity when it comes to energy policy and the proper conduct of business in the real world. He’s hired “professionals” dribbling the required political theories and pabulum (watered down rhetoric) designed to produce votes but NO solutions to be readily realized.

This guy has no cattle or a hat to fit his oversized head swelling daily because his minions tell him he’s a wiener. (Sorry. Weiner was another guy with problems concerning his advertised image. The term should be winner; an adjective totally adrift concerning this ship of state.)

Since this “gambling man” started dropping our chips on the table we’ve seen many of his bets come up as losers because he doesn’t have a clue of how to play the game. Instead of testing the other player’s hands he immediately goes “all in” betting a substantial bankroll without care. When the market proves itself to be fickle and unappreciative of the product, he loses.

Here’s a basic list of his more stellar flops:

  1. Solyndra – a half a billion dollars wasted. The company went belly-up and then started paying out bonuses to the stupid people running this boondoggle.
  2. Chevy Volt – Obama said he’d be driving one in five years when he ends his term. He may get a fresh off of the showroom floor model; but it’ll still be a 2012. They suspended production because it isn’t selling. Can anybody say Edsel?
  3. Keystone Pipeline – Okay. Obama didn’t waste any money on this one. He just won’t let us create any energy because he wants to power-suck more money from the coffers of the Sierra Club and other enviro-theorists. He’s so worried about their votes he’s willing to anger Big Labor with his refusal to allow jobs to be created. Why? The Republicans said they like this operation first.
  4. Drilling Moratorium – again no money wasted. No money earned and NO energy produced because of a knew-jerk reaction to a tragedy.
  5. Energy costs are rising as he said they SHOULD “necessarily” in 2008. Steven Chu, energy secretary confirmed this.
  6. 6.       Algae. I guess he’ll start scraping homeless people’s teeth if need be so as to not endanger the environment. Look for environmental impact studies to take years to justify using this form of energy. The last gallon of gas purchased for my car was at a price of $3.79. Obama’s suggested solution? Algae. How soon before there’s a DIY kit to refine it in my garage? Never mind. We must construct an intrusive, obstructive federal bureaucracy to codify, regulate and hinder the capitalistic development of this new industry. They’ll regurgitate the environmentalist’s mantra of– “Green, green for today, pond scum, pond scum hip-hip-hooray!”

This whole mess is because a little man with humongous dreams decided he’d cap a great campaign screed for Hope and pounded it in with a shouted call for Change.

It’s working. America is becoming a changed nation; a nation repellent to business and disrespected in the worldview. It goes without saying we hope this administration changes.

Thanks for listening.



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