One You Might Not Have Heard About…

The Trayvon Martin tragedy is an unfolding story in which the whole truth is yet unknown, but that hasn’t stopped race-pimps from using it to stoke the fire of hatred.
And speaking of fire, here is another story that you might not have heard about involving a 13 year-old Missouri boy. It happened just a few days after 17 year-old Martin was gunned down by George Zimmerman in Florida.

There are obviously some differences in the two stories. The boy who was allegedly set on fire by two other teens is, luckily, still alive. Martin, of course, was not as fortunate.

Another difference—and the reason that it will never get a fraction of the play that the Martin story is getting—is that the assailants are said to be black and their victim is white.

You can believe that if the reverse where true, Al Sharpton would be on scene with megaphone in hand and President Obama would be seen on television lecturing the nation about racial intolerance.

Like the Martin shooting, everything isn’t yet known about this case, like whether or not the attackers knew the teen they set fire or if it was simply a random act committed because the victim was white. All indications are is that the latter is true, which should serve as a reminder to those incensed by what happened to Martin that no race has a monopoly on hate.

Is it unfair that a black kid, even one that had been in trouble with the law before, can’t walk down the street wearing a hoody without being followed by a seemingly trigger-happy neighborhood watchman that led to an altercation in which he died? No argument there.

It borders on the criminal, however, that there are those who are using Martin’s death to exacerbate race-hatred for their own gain. It’s completely criminal that a hate group like the New Black Panther Party has put out a bounty for Zimmerman’s capture.

These things, along with media silence over the Kansas City incident—and I could point to other stories to illustrate the double standard all day—are making it harder for teenagers to walk streets in safety, regardless of the color of their skin.



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