This Is A Congresswoman

Nope. I ain’t kiddin’.

Her name is Frederica Wilson, she represents the crappy area north of Miami Trayvon Martin came from and she’s damn glad to meet ya.

And she’s also as big a clown as that getup she was wearin’ yesterday would indicate.

You guys might remember her from back in August, when she said “The real enemy is the Tea Party” or when she said that the reason for all the black unemployment around the country is racism. After those two sparklin’ examples of goofery, they locked her up in the attic again – until the Trayvon Martin thing sprung her.

She ain’t exactly leadership material in the House – y’know, like Sheila Jackson Lee or Maxine Waters are. She hasn’t been around long enough for that. You stick around long enough as a House Democrat and sooner or later they’re gonna give you a leadership position. Look at Barney Frank or Jim Clyburn.

Anyway, now that they’re having dog-and-pony shows on Capitol Hill about the Trayvon Martin thing, it’s Miz Frederica’s time to shine.

And shine she did.

First at a press conference…

Parents of Trayvon Martin in DC for Racial Profiling Briefing:

…and then with Keith Olbermann. Did you know Olbermann still has a show? That was news down here; I thought he was suckin’ farts out of used car seats for a livin’.

Oh, yeah – she was on the floor of the House peddlin’ that line, too. But no Roy Rogers getup there.

So anyway, this is her moment in the sun. But when Trayvon Martin’s case goes away, however it does, you won’t see Miz Frederica on TV for a while. You can bet your bottom dollar that the blueblood media maven types at the DNC, who strangely enough think Debbie Washerwoman Schultz isn’t embarrassing, are seizing up at the idea that this goofus is carryin’ their standard on TV.

So enjoy Miz Frederica while you can. She’ll be back in the attic soon.



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