What Do Dems Do When They Lose In The Democratic Process?…Flip The Governor Off And Recall Him

When President Obama was working to shove his healthcare reform down Americans’ throats, Democrats were quick to remind us that elections have consequences and we should all just lump it.

So what happens when a Republican governor wins re-election and initiates a plan to reform a failing school system?

It’s got to be recall time, a-la Gov. Scott Walker of Wisconsin, of course.

As of this writing, Jindal’s school choice bill has been passed in Senate Committee after eight-and-a-half hours of deliberation. Another bill—one on early childhood programs— is still being considered. It will pass, too.

This video was shot today on the steps of the Capitol Building when it seems a forgone conclusion that education bills moved yesterday in committee by the Louisiana House of Representatives would pass in Senate Committee before the day’s end.

Here is Louisiana Association of Educators President Joyce Haynes speaking to protesters. She was upset that more demonstrators weren’t let into the Capitol. That was by order of the fire marshal not he governor, as Haynes found out later when she went inside to address the committee.

Regardless, it was Jindal that caught her ire for his audacity to put kids education above guaranteeing teacher tenure and wanting to take tax dollars away from public schools so students might have a chance at a better education in private institutions:

In case you missed some of that, the part that Haynes wouldn’t repeat was a protester also encouraging her fellow educators to wave at the governor—but only with one finger. Take note parents, this is a classy bunch helping shape the minds of your children.

They better flip the governor off while they still can, because he will soon be vacating his fourth floor office if these people have their way:

Amid her brief diatribe against the governor, this former educator says she was protesting to stand up for her “younger cohorts.” Once again, it ain’t about the kids.

Well, I hate to break it to this lady—as well as Haynes and her Wisconsin pals—but it’s going to be really hard to recall a governor that kept his seat with 66 percent of the vote in an election in which Democrats weren’t able to conjure up a single viable candidate. So, lump it.



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