Balancing The Bubble

A “carpenter’s level” has small, pellet-shaped glass or plastic pieces with a bubble in them. These bubbles indicate how level the piece is in reference to its surroundings. You have multiple reference points available. It allows you to straighten your final product; window frame, counter-top, pillar etc. and assure everything complies with the construction plans.

Anybody building a campaign platform needs an “ethical level” because a straight message should be put across to the people deciding, by their vote, an election and by extension the course of the nation. But, the misuse of a level, or not paying attention to the perspectives it gives you creates a problem. That problem grows as the project moves toward completion. This is because as an angle continues onward the distance from its reference increases. The problem is greatest at its end point. Geometry, like the laws of Physics, is inviolate. You’ll get severely out of alignment as you keep using the wrong angle. Your project will be proven to be lopsided.

If you’re saying the project is something as important as American government, you can understand this isn’t good for the country.

Beaurat Obama’s angle, when he started his campaign for the presidency, was based on a platform of Hope and Change. We see now there was a severely misplaced angle in all of this. That would be the fact Hope and Change are abstracts without definition and thus really sort of nebulous or unclear.

You Hope to Change what? The fundamental manner and way government is conducted was promised. And, in its own way, that’s being delivered on. The conduct of government is regularly changing from a Republic to a seated Executive Branch dictating national policy without consulting with the people’s elected representatives; the Congress. Government by diktat is not the American ideal.

Instead of the foundation for “new” government (government basically coming into existence with each new executive, legislative and judicial membership) being based on the United States Constitution and Bill of Rights, we find this new foundation is “off bubble” from the blueprints directed by the Constitution. It becomes unbalanced toward the political dogma espoused by this incumbent executive.

The American people (tired of an increasingly distant, self-serving and uncaring government moving beyond their reach) asked for change without definition because they believed they needed it. It’s become a matter of realizing the old saying: “be careful what you ask for-you might get it.” Because there was no definition of what “change” was to be, they couldn’t predict the “change” they’d get. The foundation was off a “half-bubble” from the outset of the campaign. As this administration has continued onward in its history, the entire building is noted to be off-balance and as such; insecure.

The platform rising from the foundation used the wrong angle. As the platform continued onward more and more issues drifted or rolled toward the lowest point before it hit a wall, or fell off of the platform altogether. Even if the platform was “on-level” but used warped lumber (as in the development of policies and procedures not allowable under the Constitution) the platform lost its level and things tilted away from what they’re meant to be.

The problem could be seen as one where minor changes could be made to mask the imperfection, such as wood-planing (shaving) the warped board to better fit the situation. But, the integrity of the project weakens because the affected board is thinner and less sound structurally. Ultimately the product is sub-par lessening its value, desirability and marketability.

We must look more closely at the construction fundamentals used in this rebuilding of our nation. The Founding Fathers set high standards. We must responsibly maintain quality control because the end result is what’s important; not simply being the foreman of the construction crew as some people think.

The Winchester House in California is an example to heed. Based solely on one person’s superstitious vision the building is a construction nightmare with stairs going nowhere and rooms locked within walls. It makes no sense.

A nation building extensions on poorly crafted foundations will fall. It’s only a matter of how soon.

Thanks for listening.



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