Beck’s First Address From ‘The Oval’…

On Monday, Glenn Beck announced that he had built his own Oval Office at his new TV studios in Dallas, Texas, to deliver a weekly address on what the president should be saying.

The Hayride reported this shortly after Beck unveiled his Oval Office on his Internet television network.

Today, Beck released the first installment of the weekly segment on GBTV called “The Oval.” I thought that it was worth posting here:

Of course, Beck’s former bosses would have never green-lighted him building himself an Oval Office at Fox News and he is going all-out in his freedom of being able to call the shots at his Internet television network.

Beck recently said that he is also building a replica of the interior of the cabin of the Arabella—the ship that brought John Wintrop to The New World—in Texas. He hasn’t said why, but one can only hope that whatever else Beck has in mind will drive people on the left half as crazy as seeing him sitting in the president’s desk speechifying about people cutting Washington’s apron strings.

With that in mind, be sure to send a link to this post to all your Democratic friends and family members.



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