Could This Be The Best Congressional Candidate Of All Time?

If you don’t agree, then try coming up with somebody better than this…

Mia Love’s a Republican, and she’s challenging Democrat Jim Matheson – the only Democrat in the Utah congressional delegation.

Read Yahoo! News’ writeup on her candidacy, and see if this doesn’t sound like a high-tech weapon genetically engineered in a secret laboratory by the Vast Right Wing Conspiracy…

A Brooklyn-born Mormon convert, Love is a marathon-running mother of three and the daughter of Haitian immigrants who came to the United States with $10 in their pockets, she says. Her mother cleaned houses and worked as a nurse at a retirement home while her father worked for a painting company, toiled as a janitor at a Catholic school and drove a school bus to support their growing family.

“I am a product of that hard work,” she said in an interview with Yahoo News, “a product of the American dream.”

Love’s political career began when she was elected to the city council in the small town of Saratoga Springs, Utah, in 2004. She became mayor six years later and her House candidacy has received cash from an impressive list of Republican big wigs like House Majority Leader Eric Cantor, Budget Chairman Paul Ryan and Majority Whip Kevin McCarthy.

Well aware that she is unique when lined up next to most Republicans in the caucus, Love doesn’t shy away from being a poster child for her party.

“We have an opportunity to reach some of our fellow Americans that we haven’t been able to reach, ever, on the conservative side,” she told Yahoo News. “And if I can reach our fellow Americans and get them to believe what we believe–that the way that they’re going to realize the American dream is through hard work and that they can do it, then I’m happy to play that role. I’m happy to be the example.”

While talking policy, she comes across as a tax- and regulation-slashing, tea party conservative infused with a leave-us-alone libertarian streak, a hallmark of western Republicans.

“I know what the proper role of government is,” she said. “I don’t really want to know what’s going on in somebody’s backyard. It’s not my job to know what’s going on in their backyard and I try to stay out of everyone’s personal lives and their property.”


Poor Matheson. He doesn’t stand a chance against this woman, $1.2 million war chest or not. Somebody like this whose name gets out there can raise a million bucks in a money bomb over a weekend. And since she won the GOP nomination in Utah’s fourth district over the weekend, she’ll be on the national radar from here on in.

The majority of the buzz coming out of Utah concerns the fact that Sen. Orrin Hatch wasn’t able to solidify the GOP nomination for his attempt at a 7th term, and will now have to best Dan Liljenquist in a primary. But while Hatch’s longevity in Washington is a negative and effectiveness as a fiscal conservative is suspect, and while from a conservative perspective Liljenquist is probably preferable, there are worse Republican senators than Hatch.

Love, however, could be a game-changer of sorts.

Several conservative black women – Star Parker and Angela McGlowan most notably – ran for Congress as Republicans last cycle, but none managed to get over the hump and win election. They all ran in very difficult districts for Republican candidates.

Love is a different story. The 4th District in Utah is a new creation, and while it’s the best a Democrat can get it’s not exactly blue. Roll Call says UT-4 was a 56-44 win for John McCain over Barack Obama in 2008, meaning while Matheson might have a money advantage on Love for a while he doesn’t have a district in which he can successfully run to her left.

And there is that biography, and that smile.

She’s a dream candidate, she’s in a good district and when she gets to Washington the Democrats will have a hell of a time trying to pick her apart. How are you going to counter Mia Love with Maxine Waters or Frederica Wilson?



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