Send In The Clowns

The 2012 Campaign season started and the political landscape’s as barren as a circus tent at sunrise. The candidates’ personal appeal is locked somewhere between cliché and formulaic. Each step taken is a pre-cursor to when the baby starts that burst of infantile speed before the kid falls flat on his/her face. The same result will occur as well: a bunch of whining, crying and screaming or simply picking oneself up and starting all over again.

Either way we expect to be entertained while suffering our hunger for substantive review of the American Dilemma. We want issues debated. It’s necessary we set a true course away from this mess politicians have gotten us into.

Don’t hold your breath.

Already this political rivulet is being muddied by Obama floundering around. He’s using Republican Icons he can compare himself (and his failed programs) to at any given moment. Ronald Reagan’s spinning in his grave. As Obama has no recognizable track record concerning energy, intelligent health care or foreign policy to tout, his only logical step is to revise history. He’s trying to insinuate himself into history and scramble the letters so they’re no longer recognizable as fact.

If you can’t make history; revise it.

Newer voters don’t know the difference between Ronald Reagan and Ronald McDonald. History’s a subject dealt with in public education as a necessary evil, but one that must reflect political correctness and progressive values. Truth doesn’t figure into the equation. Results are all that matter. This farce is expected to be more rhetorical than factual and understandable.

Instead of addressing issues, the candidates are hiding behind Super PACS (Political Action Committees). They can maintain distance from the poisonous rhetoric designed to skirt and misdirect the electorate from inspecting the candidates’ stances on issues. The idea is to subvert the knowledge base and make it look as though they’re above the pettiness.

None of these fools are above the pettiness. They’re trying to avoid being muddied by truth slung like manure in a barnyard. The goal is to desensitize the people. They make no effort to rise to the moral high ground necessary to be valued as a “man o’ the people”. It’s more important to appear resolute than be honest.

It’s a given Obama and Romney will try to address issues. They won’t be issues mattering to Americans. They’ll address each other’s weaknesses and faults as issues. It’s expected there’ll be a scarcity of solutions proposed. They’ll merely point out the opposition is opposed to their opposition of their opponents’ oppositional responses. (Aggravating isn’t it?)

At times it appears we’ll never get what we want and need; honesty and truth directing us toward solutions to the problems. We get advertisement of each guy’s intransigence and unwillingness to play by the others’ rules. This entire theater of the absurd is run by clowns continually squirting seltzer into the faces of people deserving better of their government. Bring back the high wire acts. The clowns are boring.

More and more (since the intrusion of television into the reportage of American political intrigue) the thin veneer of charisma is pushed as representing the depth of a candidate’s character. We expect this to continue as he who touted “Hope and Change” squares off against he who “Hopes to Change” the administration. Veneer sells furniture but the character of the furniture is understood in its utility and the strength of its construction and how well it gets the job done. Neither candidate effectively displays this kind of character.

Good looks mean nothing if the furniture fails to support you when you need it most. Because it looks good, speaks well and says what you think you want to hear, doesn’t mean it’s good for you.

America isn’t standing at a crossroads, but at the precipice overlooking its future. The strength and integrity of that footing will determine America’s ability to withstand the forces erode the footfalls showing where she’s lead the world. One of these candidates will be our guide.

Will we hear logical discourse leading us to solutions? Or will we hear a calliope playing?

Enter the clowns at center ring.

Thanks for listening.



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