Let’s Look At Actions, Not Words

Buffet v.trans: 1. to hit or beat, especially repeatedly: 2. to strike against forcefully; batter: 3. to drive or force with or as if with repeated blows: 4. to force (one’s way) with difficulty

The newest campaign season floats on the surface of the political waters much like a dead whale drifting toward a popular beach on Labor Day weekend. It’s malodorously obvious, it’s a hazard to governmental navigation, the end result will prove more disconcerting because this rotting hulk will stink up the entire area until somebody takes proper action.

Barack Obama is flogging this carcass known as THE BUFFET RULE. This of course refers to this tedious attempt by Obama’s administration to recreate the lives of Karl Marx and Fredrick Engels. It’s always been Obama’s goal to skin the rich while tightening Socialism’s grip on the poor. This is clearly and strictly evident when you shut off the sound of the man’s voice and look at the man’s actions. Actions truly speak louder than words.

This hue and cry for the stabilization of taxation on the wealthy in contrast to the taxes paid by those not multi-millionaires is no more than the group-think of a mobster seeking to harangue the mindless to take to the streets for their definition of justice. It’s self-serving, self-aggrandizing and obviously untenable an idea. It wouldn’t touch the trillions of dollars of debt Obama has saddled our kids with. Obama doesn’t pay any attention to the novel idea we might want to simplify the code and end a lot of useless but politically shored up deductions used to pay off special interests.

The other thing proving to be of interest is even though Warren Buffet has said he pays less tax than his secretary, he’s involved in litigation to prevent him and his company (Berkshire Hathaway) from paying contested taxes. So much for him caring about the “huddled masses” footing the bill and for millionaires making reparations for (OMG!) being successful in business.

Obama’s got a legion of Public Relations (PR) people to help direct his campaign away from real issues like; his incompetence in office, his inability to direct congressional efforts to FIX the tax code, his inability to develop a budget along with his inability to keep a straight spine when feeling an inexorable need to grovel before Arab potentates and Russian puppeteers and other embarrassing sub-notes of recorded historical significance. These PR mavens spend hours, weeks and months finding newer and better ways to misdirect the American people’s attention when necessary.

Obama and Biden (and all the little people making big money in the administration) are no more than the men and women behind the curtain telling us to pay no attention to our lying eyes. We should accept what the “dear leader (?)” of the “free” world issues through the Ministry of Communications aka the mainstream media. Obama’s been following the definition offered at the header of this column.  He’s been hammering us with this drivel and expecting us to swallow the hook, line and stinker he’s putting out as fact. He strikes out repeatedly against the logic of the free enterprise system (a system that created more wealth for Americans collectively and individually than Communism ever produced for the old Soviet Union) and the opportunities it offers to everybody, not just those seeing the argument his way. But that’s the idea; get us to stop looking at reality and start believing HIS dream.

I’ll ask the question again Mr. Obama, you egotistical, self-centered, megalomaniacal yutz (it means a ditz, klutz, ninny, nincompoop, politically/socially incompetent boob, twit, dumb-bass): what makes you think I want to be like you? Or worse yet; what makes you think we want to generationally pass on your politico/genetic recessive gene to future generations? Actually, I reject your entire platform as termite riddled with undiscovered Marxists and Socialist like Van Jones.

This nation needs to open the eyes and adjust the “old thinking caps” to understand what this man is doing. Remember: “pleasant to look at, delightful to hold, but just ‘cause it’s pretty doesn’t mean that it’s gold”.

Thanks for listening.

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