The Problem Is, Obama’s A Lousy Speculator

Speculation: n. 1. a. A conclusion, opinion, or theory reached by conjecture. b. Reasoning based on inconclusive evidence; conjecture or supposition. 2. a. Engagement in risky business transactions on the chance of quick or considerable profit.

Origins: 1325–75; Middle English speculacioun < Late Latin speculātiōn- (stem of speculātiō ) exploration, observation                                                                                                      

Beaurat Obama needs $52 Million dollars to fund “more cops on the beat” to police Petrochemical Speculators’ activities and keep us safe from those nasty old capitalists. Beaurat takes exception to speculators making a profit off of buying, holding and selling (at a profit) commodities and stock issues known as “futures”. Obama can’t figure out a way to demonize anybody else at the moment. He also can’t stand they’re good at what he sucks at doing so badly.

He should contact Hilary Clinton. Ask her if it’s cool to speculate or play the market. Clinton made a ton of cash while in private law practice speculating on what are called “Penny Stocks”: low cost and quickly responsive stock issues capable of large profits because of the nature of the market they’re in. Obviously, this is bad because Oil Speculation is something Beaurat Obama doesn’t like. He can’t subsidize speculators of this type as he does with his solar, algae and windy energy productive campaign contributors.

We’ve seen Obama has NO clue how to gamble. This became painfully clear when he told Eric Cantor to NOT call his bluff when the Congress was being bullied toward concessions on budget matters in 2011. Any idiot knows you bluff because you have lousy, losing cards in your hand. You posture as a winner to win the hand with what little you’ve got. You lead people to believe you have more than really exists. As Obama has NO real skill other than lying to us we must understand why creating a larger bureaucracy is so important.

It allows him to gamble (poorly so far) on” green energy” businesses while betting taxpayer dollars. It keeps us from looking at the fact he has No coherent energy policy. It creates another Boogey Man to scare us into accepting his “green agenda”. As Obama is so gullible he accepts a sales pitch as an educational dissertation it’s hardly intelligent to give him the keys to the piggy bank. He’s already wielding a presidential proclamation hammer to bust it all to hades because he alone thinks it’s a good idea.

We shouldn’t jump on the idea speculation is specifically gambling. Speculators make informed decisions before deciding to take on additional risks. Speculation shouldn’t be categorized as a traditional investment because the acquired risk is higher than average. Obama, having NO experience in the stock market other than what his broker tells him; takes his advice from cronies, lackeys, yes men and people who’ll directly benefit from his ability to give tax dollars away concealed and ill-defined as Economic Stimulus. He has no more grasp of the eccentricities of Macro, Micro or Supply Side Economics other than Marx’s statements they’re all exploitive of the working class and as such bad, bad, bad and mean to the “little people”.

Speculators use information they keep very close to their chests so others can’t steal their knowledge and “capture the flag” before the next guy. The speculators invest their money and the money of their partners and clients; not taxpayers. They capitalize to acquire the greatest gains for each dollar invested. They don’t plunder the American treasury to feather the nests of friends, supporters and money-bundlers contributing huge amounts of money to campaign war chests. They don’t ravage an economic system in the throes of a recession to assure the continual diminishment of old growth forests decimated to fuel (by printing worthless scrip) the futuristic pipe dreams of enviro-wonks.

Speculators may have an effect on the price of oil nationally and internationally. But, is their activity responsible for all of the irritation noted in the petro-chemical industry? Not likely. The effects of national policies, international pressures and petro-diplomacy taking regional and religious/social eccentricities into account have more to do with Oil Prices than anything else.

Beaurat Obama’s the only one doesn’t understand that.

Thanks for listening.



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