Time To Break Out The Bumper Stickers

It been obvious for a while now who would most likely be the Republican Party nominee, but with Santorum officially out it’s probably time for me to finally jump on the Romney train.

I’ve been reluctant to do so, because it’s rather disappointing to be stuck with another establishment moderate Republican in the wake of the tea party revolution of the 2010 congressional midterm elections.

These are the cards we have been dealt, however, and Romney’s not a bad guy. He’s no rock-solid conservative, but here’s hoping that he’s smart enough—or at least malleable enough—to govern as one if he makes it to The White House.

Anyway, considering what four more years of Obama would mean for our freedom and prosperity makes me want to blanket my vehicle in bumper stickers supporting Mitt—maybe even my house. I wonder if the Humane Society would get on to me for plastering my dog with Romney stickers? I better not go that for since Romney already has a shaky history with canines.

Fortunately, I’ve already come up with some good bumper stickers–where ever I choose to place them— that are worth revisiting now that Mitt is undoubtedly the man:




I’ve always thought that Mitt is a weird name for someone to have, but it has potential on bumper stickers. This one asks Americans to just “give a Mitt.” about the future of our great nation and send Obama packing in November.


And sticking to the theme of playing off Mitt’s name for a bumper sticker, here is another one:


Yeah, I know that Obama really isn’t a Muslim, but this one is bound to piss off a lot of people in on the left so I think it would make a great bumper sticker. No one ever said that bumper stickers had to be factually correct, as long as they piss the right people off they are worth while. I kind of envision this one making its way on to pickup trucks sporting gun-racks.



Gingrich has made a lot of use out of calling Romney a “Massachusetts moderate.” Well, I think that the public should be reminded that there are worse things you can be:

Romney is well on his way to becoming the Republicans answer to Al Gore as the wooden presidential candidate. There isn’t much he can do about this and it would do him better to poke a little fun at himself than try to get more animated to prove he isn’t some animatronic escapee from a Disney theme park ride.

It was always disturbing when Gore did that, but there isn’t much about Gore that isn’t disturbing:

This is my favorite one and might sum up the best reason to vote for Romney this year. The Romney people should feel free to use these, but if Mitt wants to send me any petty change he has lying around–maybe enough to get me into the one-percent—I wouldn ‘t mind so much:

These are my bumper stickers and I’m welcoming suggestions that any of you might have for future post.

This country has to go to Mitt or it will really go to….well, I don’t want to put any ideas in your heads. Come up with your own.



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