Video From Today’s Teachers’ Union Rally: How Despicable Is This, Really?

On the steps of the Capitol today, Louisiana Democratic Party Chairman Buddy Leach took to the podium to call Gov. Bobby Jindal a bully for taking on the state’s teachers’ unions.

This is what he was shoveling to hordes of red-shirted demonstrators as bills from the governor’s education reform package passed by the House were being deliberated in the Senate:

Rhetoric about how Jindal is persecuting teachers—during intervals of drowning kittens—is to be expected from dinosaur Democratic hacks like Leach, but do we really have to trot-out kindergartners to drive the point home?

Yes. Yes we do:

Not only do these union goons want to leave our kids in schools that historically rank among the poorest-performing in the country, they have no qualms about using this six year-old as a prop in a political battle he can’t possibly begin to understand.

This is beyond disgusting and demonstrative of why Jindal’s plan, which would loosen teachers’ unions’ grip over how our kids are educated, is a damn good thing.

Despite Democrats and unions sinking to this level, the Senate’s version of the teacher tenure bill sailed through the Senate and the school choice bill is poised to do the same tonight.

Expect the House to quickly concur and the bills to soon end up on the “bully’s” desk. He might even find a little time between pulling wings off flies to sign it before the week ends.



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