Bill Whittle On Alpha Males, Don Draper And Why That WaPo Romney Story Bombed

First, let’s start with the latest Firewall video Bill Whittle put out a couple of days ago, because it was pretty good and makes an outstanding point…

Whittle’s talking in general terms and about modern lefty ideology, naturally – there was a time not all that long ago when liberalism was actually a more muscular, “alpha male” philosophy. Nobody doubted that John F. Kennedy or LBJ were alpha males, or that Franklin Delano Roosevelt or Harry Truman or Teddy Roosevelt or Woodrow Wilson were – those guys made Progressivism and the New Deal cool, because while they generally didn’t give a rat’s rear end about the rights of the individual, let’s say, or what they were doing to the American tradition of free enterprise and all that stuff, they sure did have some balls.

And if you got in their way, you were gonna get it. Which doesn’t exactly make these guys Gary Cooper. But at least nobody ran against them on the basis they were spineless or weak or lacked balls. FDR managed to get away with being in a wheelchair, and it wasn’t just that the media back them carried his water for him.

We haven’t had anybody on the left since Bobby Kennedy got whacked who’d qualify. Once George McGovern won their nomination they’ve had an entire class of Alan Alda wannabes. Just look at what’s on the roster now and see how many Alphas you can find…

Chuck Schumer
Dick Durbin
Harry Reid
John Kerry
Nancy Pelosi
Barney Frank
Rahm Emanuel (who thinks he’s an Alpha because he accosts naked men in the shower, but come on. Two words: ballet lessons. Nuff said)
Jerry Brown
Ed Markey
Henry Waxman
Jon Corzine
Gary Ackerman
Howard Dean
Joe Biden

Wait. We’re forgetting somebody. Let’s see, who are we leavin’ out?

Oh, yeah.


What we have in the White House now is clearly the most beta-male president we’ve had since that fruity Buchanan guy who let the Civil War get started. This is a guy who wouldn’t even give a shout-out to the folks in Iran who wanted to get rid of the mullahs because they were gettin’ in the way of his attempt to have a sit-down with ’em. This is a guy who invented the phrase “leading from behind” when he let Hillary and the French buffalo him into sticking it in Qaddafi so the local Al Qaeda affiliate could rout him out of Libya. This is a guy who told Putin’s poodle he’d have “more flexibility after the election” to give away the store on missile defense, after he’d already sold out our friends the Poles and the Czechs in return for diddly poo.

And this is a guy who knuckled under to a bunch of gay guys with money on supportin’ gay marriage, for nothing more than a stack of campaign checks. For that, he’s on the cover of Newsweek as the First Gay President.

This comes after a rash of stuff about the one chick anybody’s actually found who Obama used to make it with before his wife came on the scene who said she could find him hanging around his crib wearing a skirt. We already know the wife buffaloed him into agreeing to let his mother-in-law live with ’em at the White House; can’t get anymore Beta Male than that.

And Obama’s fellow snivelers at the Washington Post did, what, exactly? Last week they came out with that 5,000-word piece splashed across the front page all about how Romney cut some hippie dude’s hair.

Yeah, yeah. Romney’s a bully and he was mean to gay dudes.

Know what that piece did show, though? Romney’s been an Alpha Male since Jump Street. Romney was the kid in school who was always playin’ pranks on people. Romney was the chief smart-ass who stirred the drink. Romney was the guy the whole social life of that school flowed through. And Romney was the guy who decided he was gonna regulate the longhair in the dorm hall, and he got the whole mob in the dorm to come with him on the project.

That’s the kind of stuff Alpha Males do. You could call that leadership.

Do we want our leaders learning the trade by playin’ barber with beatniks? No. But 17-year olds are gonna make mistakes when they try to lead. Alexander the Great was probably the last 17-year old who didn’t screw the pooch more often than not in a leadership role. That’s one reason high school football teams won’t even put names on the backs of jerseys, fer instance.

But in Romney’s case, he didn’t make a habit of rippin’ on longhairs. He made the dog ride on the roof once, but that’s about it. Most people who’ve been around Romney say he’s a stand-up guy and pretty solid, and since he got into public life you can’t find a whole lot of examples of him makin’ abjectly stupid or abusive calls.

Democrat-types will say “oh-but-when-he-was-at-Bain-Capital-he-shut-down-this-company-and-laid-that-guy-off” and so on. Beta Male President Guy is out with an ad about it now. But that’s not a stupid mistake, that’s just business.

And Romney is bein’ hacked on as Don Draper. Y’know, Jon Hamm’s character from Mad Men? The guy who cheats on his wife and screws people over?

Except, like Whittle talks about, Don Draper is a POPULAR character. People like him, and that character has made Hamm a star even though Draper is generally a dick. Draper isn’t just good at his job, he’s awesome at his job and he knows it. And he’s ruthless about doing it. And his personal life sucks, because he’s a lot less serious about it than his work.

And for an ad guy, he has a lot less tolerance for BS than you’d think.

Romney’s more well-rounded than that. They try to make him Don Draper because he’s a white guy whose manner reminds folks of an Alpha Male from the 1950’s and 1960’s. Like Draper.

But the thing is, people will choose an Alpha Male over a Beta Male any time they see a clear choice between one and the other. And like Whittle says, lefty beta types aren’t all that good at preventing such a choice even when they try. That’s what the WaPo piece was about – trashing Romney as a homophobe at the same time Obama was comin’ out as the best buddy of all the gay people was the angle, but what people actually saw was (a) a chicken-poop hit job on Romney, (b) the fact that Romney actually was a leader before he even had a clue what to do with that leadership ability and (c) the fact that Obama gets told what to do by the enlightened limousine set.

Mike Ramirez nailed this perfectly…

That ain’t an Alpha Male.

This is an Alpha Male.

Romney does suck, some. But at least with this guy you don’t feel like he lacks cojones or that he’ll sell out stuff he really believes. You can gripe, reasonably, that he doesn’t really believe all the right stuff and he’s more than happy to sell out the stuff he doesn’t care about – but that doesn’t mean he’s not an Alpha Male. Don Draper doesn’t give a crap about his wife, at least not REALLY, so he cheats on her. And Romney isn’t REALLY a conservative, so he’ll probably cheat on us.

But we can hire Congress to follow him around and whip his ass if he tries to do that. What we don’t get the impression is that Romney would screw the country over as president, at least not deliberately.

With Obama? Hell, he’ll do it for all kinds of reasons – and not the least of which being that he’s weak.

And he wants to make us that way, too.



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