Gallup Says ‘Pro-Choice’ Is Rapidly Going Out Of Style

Very interesting results.

It seems that by a 50-41 margin, the pro-life position on abortion is kicking the pro-choice position’s derriere. And the long-term movement in public opinion seems to be accelerating.

A graph…

The pro-choice bunch seemed to have a momentary spike of sorts in 2010 and 2011 when Gallup asked the question, but looking at the long-term trend in public opinion since the polling organization started measuring this issue in 1995 it’s obvious that the pro-life position is becoming a majority. From 33 percent to 50 percent in 17 years is an unmistakable growth. And for the pro-choice position to drop from 56 percent to 41 is just an unmistakable a drop.

Some of this is intuitive. Pro-choice people who practice that belief will naturally have fewer kids than pro-life people who practice their beliefs. And when those kids grow up, they’re probably going to be pro-life since most of us get our values from our parents.

That the country as a whole seems to be gradually becoming more conservative, with a pro-life stance on abortion being generally regarded as a significant part of conservatism, would suggest this change as well – though what’s a lot more fashionable than social conservatism these days is fiscal and economic conservatism, which doesn’t have all that much to do with abortion.

Here’s what’s interesting, though – how the issue breaks down between Republicans, Democrats and independents.

With Republicans, it shouldn’t be a surprise that 72 percent are pro-life and only 22 percent are pro-choice.

With independents, a 47-41 split in favor of pro-life seems a little surprising, though the fact it’s a close call is to be expected.

But with Democrats, given the near unanimity of their political class in favor of not just a pro-choice position but a militant one – we have a Democrat president, for example, who championed infanticide in the Illinois Senate – it’s intriguing that the pro-choice split is only 58-34.

That entire abortion-advocacy industry built into the Democrat Party only commands 58 percent support among Democrats. An eye-popping number, to be sure.

The pro-life position hasn’t completely won the day, though, as Gallup found most people think there should be circumstances in which abortion ought to be available…

Interestingly, though, the poll isn’t broken down on a male-female basis – it would be interesting to see the trend among women over the years.

But the point is that if abortion is really a 50-41 issue among the general public, it shows two things – (1) that the Left’s media project attempting to marginalize the pro-life position just isn’t reaching the public anymore, and (2) that pro-life politicians can find purchase among independent and Democrat voters on the issue.

Of course, Gallup didn’t ask those it polled how tired of abortion as a political issue they are. The guess here is the answer they’d have gotten back would have been “extremely.” Meaning that running on a single-issue of abortion would likely turn off even the independents and Democrats who agree with a pro-life stance.

But what this say is, you can be pro-life and it won’t hurt you. Clearly the pro-choice crowd is the one turning off the American public.



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