The Mainstream Media Owes Dan Quayle An Apology

Quayle was a young guy at the time and an eager beaver who didn’t quite have the gravitas one would hope for in a vice president.

And of course, the legacy media – who weren’t “legacy” at the time – ate him alive. To the extent that it appeared as though they got in his head and made him hesitant to say anything lest he’d make a gaffe and get on TV. Quayle’s time as Veep was a nightmare – to such an extent that his kids later equated it to a prison sentence.

Being constantly attacked as a dunce can’t be much fun for anybody. Whether Quayle deserved it or not is a valid question – he certainly gave the media some ammunition for them to use against him – but there’s no question about there being a concerted effort to paint him as unworthy of the office he held.

The media has been trying to “Quayle” Sarah Palin for four years even though her side didn’t win in 2008; one can conjure all kinds of reasons why Palin has been singled out for such treatment.

And yet Joe Biden skates. He skates despite the fact he makes more moronic and objectionable statements in a day than Quayle or Palin made in their entire time in public life.

Like, for example, yesterday. Here he was in New Hampshire…

Also in New Hampshire, he met a class full of 5th graders. Give this about three minutes and then watch what he does to the kid he seeks out…

Not creepy at all.

And then we have this inane bit of partisan political analysis back on the podium…

Of course, what he’s talking about is the insistence on having a budged which is balanced rather than spending a trillion dollars a year we don’t have – which of course is the position Biden’s buddies in the administration have taken without any effort at all to defend it.

And then there was this, which lays out what Biden thinks is the president’s job. Feel free to cross-reference this with what’s in the Constitution…

If Biden was a Republican vice president spouting such drivel, he would be hounded off the ticket. But of course he isn’t.

There are a few rumors out there of Hilary Clinton replacing Biden – largely thanks to shenanigans of late by Bill Kristol at the Weekly Standard and Joseph Curl at the Washington Times. But those are being shot down in Biden’s defense.

That’s as far as it’s gone for Biden. Who is as dumb and creepy a guy as has ever been vice president.

In the wake of the Secret Service’s little scandal down in Colombia, the joke made the rounds that with the Secret Service in such dilapidated shape Biden was the only thing keeping Obama alive. Certainly Osama bin Laden thought along those lines; he reasoned that if al Qaeda could take Obama out America would be completely screwed with this man as its chief executive.

And yet he largely gets a pass.

Fine. But shouldn’t Quayle get one in retrospect?

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