Letterman’s Lingering Love Of A Loser President

For readers under 40, there was a time when late night talk show host David Letterman was edgy and, believe it or not, funny. That’s a hard concept to grasp, I know, but you will just have to take our word for it.

Sadly, Letterman’s best days are far behind him and now he’s just another aging elitist imbecile in a medium overrun with aging elitist imbeciles. Any viewers still watching to catch a fleeting glimpse of Letterman’s glory days—a couple of decades removed—were reminded how bad it’s gotten last night with his interview of NBC newsman Brian Williams on CBS.

Letterman took the occasion of the news anchor’s visit to launch into a sycophantic string of praise for President Obama that made even a fellow-traveler like Williams uncomfortable:

Even though Letterman is a moron, it’s almost hard not to feel a little sorry for someone so smitten with the president that he believes that President Bush and Dick Chaney didn’t really care about getting Osama bin Laden and it took Obama’s indomitable strength and courage to take him down.

You almost feel sorry for him, but not really.

If Letterman didn’t have such stars in his eyes for the president, he might be able to see how Obama excoriated Bush for the “advanced interrogation” methods in the 2008 presidential campaign that gathered the intelligence which allowed the Navy SEALs to eventually kill bin Laden.

Answering Letterman’s question, “What more do we want this man to do for us, honest to God,” is easy for us of the non-slobbering sycophant set. We don’t want Obama to do anything more FOR us, we just want him to stop doing things TO us like dragging the economy toward depression and increasing the national debt by $5.5 trillion since taking office—honest to God.

If Obama wants to do something for us, going away would be nice. Maybe then he would have even more time to make rounds on the talk show circuit and appear on Letterman’s show again. It’s gotta hurt Dave a little that the “prezzie” is slow jammin’ with Jimmie Fallon these days and not with him.

Love stinks—kinda like late-night talk show ratings in the post-Carson era.

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