The Advocate Just Doesn’t Get It

In the “Our Views” section of the Saturday May 12th 2012 Baton Rouge Advocate, the editorial staff once again chooses to remain ignorant of conservative politics. In decrying the loss of moderate Senator Richard Lugar of Indiana in the Republican primary, the Advocate blames outside money and influence for his loss. Those Republicans who exercised their right to vote and overwhelmingly rejected Luger are called “zealots.” The inference is made that they are unpatriotic and demand ideological conformity.

What the Advocate editorial staff fails to realize (or willfully ignores) is that bipartisanship has brought us to where we are today. Democrats ignore fiscal responsibility, punish states and religions for voting their conscience (see North Carolina and Catholicism), put dubious environmental concerns ahead of jobs (pipeline anyone?), leap to microphones to inject themselves into divisive race politics, demand more taxes rather than less spending when any fool can see the Federal Government is criminally negligent with our money, punish states that enforce illegal immigration laws (Arizona), ignore cities that break such laws (San Francisco), and force down the throats of the American people Obama care (a very unpopular law) without a single Republican vote.

Exactly how has “bipartisanship” helped America recently?

Republicans of Indiana have overwhelmingly sent a message to those that believe in “bipartisanship” that they are sick to death of its real definition. They are sick of doing things the Democrats way. Senator Luger represented the statesmanship needed thirty years ago. What we need now is leadership and not “bipartisanship.” To conservatives the term has become a very bad joke indeed.

Postscript: The Advocates lead story the next day was about increasing political polarization. Aside from the usually baffling choice about what the Advocate considers front page news, the piece is full of more moaning about partisanship without questioning why it may be absolutely necessary during hard times.



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