Unmasking The Man Behind The Obama Myth…

If you have wondered why so-called new media is growing as traditional print and cable news outlets are withering, Exhibit A is a series currently running on Glenn Beck’s GBTV, his Internet television station, news show.

While the Main-Stream-Media was working itself into a tizzy last week over who Mitt Romney might have given a haircut to about half-a-century ago, Beck aired the first part of “The Fiction and Non-Fiction of Obama.”

It’s no surprise Obama’s Hollywood supporters—people who make a good living playing fictional characters—are back to holding massive fundraisers for him. Obama, as he has been sold to the public, is little more than a fictional character himself.

Much of what Beck is revealing about the true Barack Obama has been out there for years, but I don’t think that deconstructing the Obama myth has ever been done as effectively–starting all the way back with the president’s account of what brought his parents together so that they could bless the world with his birth.

This clip takes about 15 minute to watch, but its worth sitting through and passing on to anyone dense enough to still need a primer to who our president really is:

Getting to the truth about who Barack Obama really is isn’t that hard of a task for those who want to do so—the problem is that it’s something that the Main-Stream-Media just doesn’t care about. They should, because Obama’s true past is a window to the man whose policies are setting the United States on the path of economic insolvency that’s currently consuming members of the European Union.

Imagine if it were learned that a Republican president had written an autobiography comprised of composite characters the don’t exist and seminal events that didn’t happen. No doubt, there would be a panel of psychologists consulted across cable news nightly to question whether or not the president was sane enough to remain in office.

What we should all be questioning is what kind of psyche do you end up with by being sired by a politically radical Kenyan polygamist, reared by a Marxists mom and grandparents and further cultivated by academic communists and a Black Liberation Theology pastor?

Add all that together and we have a man who will concoct a phony life-story to get into The White House and will keep on lying in hopes of winning a second term so he can finish enacting dreams from his father that were even too radical for a backwater former British colony in East Africa.

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