Congressional Cajun Cook Out Simmering in Louisiana

Most political junkies are aware of the contentious Republican congressional primary race in Florida that pits two sitting members of Congress against each other- freshman Congresswoman Sandy Adams vs. ten-term veteran congressman John Mica.


While Congresswoman Adams is considered candidate who has the backing of the grassroots Tea Party, Congressman Mica’s long tenure in Congress along with certain questionable has earned him as the dreaded ‘establishment’ designation in the contested primary race.


But this race is not the only one that features two sitting members of Congress locked in a contested primary. In Louisiana, freshman Congressman Jeff Landry, considered by many to be the grassroots conservative candidate is entangled in a primary race against another long-time Republican Congressman, Charles Boustany.  Like Adams and Mica, the contrast between Landry and Boustany is glaring.  The two men will duel it out in Lousiana’s 3rd congressional district.


There’s a sharp contrast between the the two congressmen-




Conservative Ratings


Landry-Heritage Action – 87%; American Conservative Union – 96%; Americans for Prosperity – A+; Club for Growth – 94%; National Taxpayers Union – A


Boustany– Heritage Action – 63%; American Conservative Union – 83%; Americans for Prosperity – B; Club for Growth – 66%; National Taxpayers Union – B


Life Issues


Landry-100% Pro-Life rating.Earned 100% Scorecard by the Family Research Council


Boustany- Voted to fund Planned Parenthood (2011RC179)




Landry- Voted against allowing President Obama to commit troops to an undeclared war in Libya (2011RC412)


Boustany– Voted to give President Obama unilateral ability to wage war in Libya (2011RC415)




Jeff Landry Charles Boustany
Heritage Action
(Leading organization for all conservative policies)
87% 63%
American Conservative Union
(Leaders in all things conservative)
96% 83.3%
Family Research Council Action
(Leading organization in prolife, pro family policy)
100% 90%
Americans for Prosperity
(Leading organization on fiscal and freedom issues )
A+ B
National Journal – Conservative Voting %
(Capitol Hill Magazine)
Rank: 36th
Top 10%
Rank: 99th
Bottom 80%
Club For Growth
Leading fiscal conservative policy organization)
94% 66%




Here are some more tid bits of information about the two congressmen-




Jeff Landry 


-Declined Congressional healthcare and retirement benefits; returned $160K of office budget to pay down debt; supports legislation that end Congressional pensions (H.R. 3480)


– Voted against Washington debt deal and Super Committee (2011RC690)


– Signed and maintains the Americans for Tax Reform’s Taxpayer Protection Pledge


– Endorsed by Freedom Works, Citizens United, Tea Party Nation, and Tea Party of Louisiana


– Declined invitation to White House to be lectured to on debt


– Voted against the Cyber Intelligence Sharing and Protection Act (CISPA) of 2011 (2012RC192)


– Proud, influential member of the Tea Party Caucus, the Republican Study Committee (RSC), and the Values Action Team (VAT)


– Unabashed supporter of Israel


– Successfully added amendments to the NDAA protecting American civil liberties from indefinite detention and unwarranted evidence collected by drones (2012RC291)


Charles Boustany

– Voted with Nancy Pelosi to increase salary (2007RC580)


– Voted for 4 debt ceiling increases signed into law (2011RC690, 2008RC681, 2008RC519, 2005RC149)


– Voted for Cash for Clunkers (2009RC682) and over $3 billion in green energy subsidies (2011RC538)


– Disavowed the Americans for Tax Reform’s Taxpayer Protection Pledge telling the Daily Advertiser in August that he needs to have “the flexibility to do the right thing”


– Voted for the bank bailout (2008RC681) and the Ex-Im reauthorization (2012RC224)


– Only Louisiana Republican Representative not in Tea Party Caucus; not a member of RSC or VAT


– Voted to give President Obama unilateral ability to wage war in Libya (2011RC415)


– Voted to permit and fund TSA full body scanner (2011RC399 and 2011RC400)

Source: Congressional Cajun Cook Out Simmering in Louisiana


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