Obama Administration Continues To Cover Its [email protected]@ In The BP Oil Spill Fiasco

We’ve shown this video of President Obama touting his administration as the most transparent and ethical in American history in past posts relating to the BP Deep Water Horizon oil spill, but why not show it again in light of new developments?

There has been a lot of covering up surround what really happened in the White House’s response to the clean-up from the well that ruptured in the Gulf of Mexico on April 20, 2010 by an executive that supposedly serves as an exemplar of government openness.

There is, of course, the refusal to let the U.S. House Natural Resources Committee view email exchanges between administration officials and the National Academy of Engineers that lead to the ordering of a six month oil and natural gas drilling moratorium in the Gulf of Mexico that has been well chronicled by The Hayride.

Interestingly enough, the White House invoked executive privilege in that case, prompting subpoenas to be issued, because administration officials said they didn’t want to jeopardize the free-flow of information with outside experts in future matters by revealing conversations.  Engineers have said they advised the administration that the moratorium wasn’t needed, which was misconstrued by the report from Obama’s Department of the Interior that led to the Gulf drilling shut-down. Go figure.

The White House can’t make the argument that it’s working to protect the privacy of outsiders by sitting on 21 emails in this latest cover-up—it’s the outsiders who are asking for the documents to be made public.

The outside experts in this case are BP technicians that corresponded with top administration officials, including Energy Secretary Stephen Chu—the man who nixed the “top kill” operation in late May of 2010 that could have stopped the unabated flow of oil into the Gulf weeks before the well was finally capped in mid-July.

In the ongoing litigation against BP, the company wants all the exchanges to come out so it can make the case that it tried to get the Obama Administration to cap the well before pressure built up making it a lot harder to do so, but their words fell on deaf ears.

Bruce Thompson, writing in The American Thinker, sums  it up pretty nicely by casting Obama as the second coming of Richard Nixon:

We can reasonably infer that the authors of those 21 documents may include President Barack Obama, his then-chief of Staff Rahm “Never Let a Crisis Go to Waste” Emanuel, and Energy and Climate Change Czarina Carol “Midnight Moratorium” Browner from the White House, not to mention Energy Secretary Steven “Solyndra” Chu, Interior Secretary Ken “Boot on Their Neck” Salazar, and Admiral Thad “An Overabundance of Caution” Allen of Homeland Security’s United States Coast Guard.

All of them had a lot to say and or do publicly during the oil spill containment operations. Now it seems that BP wants to let the American public know about what its people were doing in private as they commanded BP’s operations. BP knows what its employees did in private, as it was on the receiving end of those orders.

They now want to share the details of those orders with the general public. The response of the Obama administration is positively Nixonian, revisiting the claims of executive privilege once espoused by Richard Nixon during the debate regarding the release of the Watergate tapes. Can it be that the people voted for “hope and change” and got the Ghost of Richard Nixon?

There are differences in Nixon and Obama, the most obvious being that Nixon was a Republican and was despised by a media all too eager to rake him over the coals, deservedly so, for the Watergate cover-up and hound him to his resignation and beyond.

Obama is the Main-Stream-Media’s golden child, which is why the cover-ups surrounding the BP oil spill isn’t splashed across headlines nationwide.

It shouldn’t be forgotten here in Louisiana, where we continue to deal with economic repercussions of a tragedy made all the worse by the ill-advised temporary shutting down of drilling in the Gulf and the de facto moratorium through clogging up the permitting process for new wells as a result of the BP oil spill.

What’s helped stave off the worst of rising energy prices and loss to Louisiana’s coffers from Obama’s incompetent—or maybe intentional—handeling of the oil spill crisis is breakthrough in natural gas fracking technology. The president doesn’t miss a thing, however, and he’s coming after that too.

It’s likely he will never be held accountable by most of the media for sitting on emails to cover his ass about his true role in the BP oil spill, so what’s say we work overtime to send his ass back to Chicago in November?



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