Incontinence By Bombast

The Affordable Healthcare Act (ObamaCare) is the premier case placed before the court and is now over- ripe for a ruling.

This entire series of laws presented this year and ruled on after hours and days of debate before the Supreme Court holds major ramifications for the nation. In their own ways, they may, by being overruled and discarded because of their unconstitutionality, serve as a subtle, political form of what we call in Martial Arts “The Mystery and Use of Dim Mak”. Dim Mak is the legendary invisible blow delivered to an opponent that sets up a physiological chain of events leading to the death of the fighter after hours, days, months or even years. Nobody’s ever really proven it exists, but it’s possible. (A brain aneurysm caused by a blow to the head is an example of an occult injury or damage leading to delayed death by stroke.) The blow delivered by SCOTUS this week could kill the candidate’s election hopes in November.

Obama is involved in more controversy than he planned. The “bipartisanship” he marketed has failed to become extant. The term “marketed” is used advisedly. Marketing requires you tell the customer what you have, how it’s the solution to some perceived lack in a person’s life and the availability of the product to be sold to the consumer. The main problem has been avoided until now because Obama was selling fifty-foot lengths of “chow-line” and left-handed socket torches. None of it existed beyond the advertised motto of “HOPE & CHANGE”.

Bipartisanship requires the two sides negotiate and produce a meeting of the minds benefitting both parties. This hasn’t happened. It’s doubtful it ever will happen because of the obstinate ideology polluted stances of the parties involved. The American people aren’t allowed a voice in the matter other than to protest their lack of voice. The “closed shop” of modern American politics won’t allow for it.

A lot rides on what the SCOTUS says. There are basically three different ways this thing can go. SCOTUS can uphold the entire law “as-is” which will make Obama look like he knows what he’s doing; but it can also set up protest and challenges to his administration he won’t want to deal with in November. This would have major consequences as it pertains to Congressional rights addressing limits to the Commerce Clause in the future.

The court could strike the Single Payer Mandate. This could affect the refusal to insure “preexisting conditions” and other such regulations offered in the act. Any way this goes there is the jeopardy of insurance payees bailing out, accepting lesser fines and avoiding multi-billions in health care costs for employers. But it powerfully impacts government’s monetary input into the system.

The court could strike the entire law and by doing so send the entire matter back to Congress for the development of new law. This brings us back to Congressional incontinence by partisan bombast overpowering their legislative intestinal blockage holding up bipartisan advancement of the needs of Americans. We’d be back at the same problem noted above: NOBODY wants to work together because it challenges their egos to admit they don’t have all the answers on one side of the aisle or the other.

America needs better-regulated healthcare insurance (or perhaps more freedom in the health-insurance market, if you prefer). Any idiot can see this. But, forcing people to carry their progeny in economic utero until they are 26 isn’t the way to go. Forcing that same 26 year old to purchase insurance solely for the purpose of supporting those who were insured before him and suffer advanced age isn’t the way to go either. It hasn’t worked for Social Security (which is doomed to failure by insolvency in the next 25 years) and it won’t work in health care either. Socialized medicine can bankrupt an economy merely for the fact populations grow and economies don’t always match that growth rate. Those not putting into the system but are always taking from it lead to inflationary monetary practices and economic upheaval.

That’s where we are now; economically strapped by recession and with a government wanting to print money having no value.

Will nobody do what’s best for us?

Thanks for listening.

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