Louie Gohmert Whacks Eric Holder – ‘Your Job Is JUSTICE!’

Gohmert’s a good guy. Former prosecutor, former judge. Knows this stuff inside and out.

And amid the heaps of bovine scatology Eric Holder shoveled on the House Oversight Committee today, Gohmert (R-TX) was one of the best at flinging a few patties back in his direction.

You can really get a good feeling for how irritated Gohmert and the rest of the Republicans on that committee are with the constant faucet of poop coming out of the Attorney General’s mouth and his damn-your-eyes refusal to give a straight answer. Comes through loud and clear here.

Boehner doesn’t want to let Darrell Issa go for that contempt of Congress citation for Holder on the Fast and Furious situation. But Issa’s going to get it. Boehner won’t be able to stop it, because standing in the way is gonna start becoming a real political problem for Boehner. You watch.

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