Meet Emily, The Anti-Julia

One of the most monumental missteps of the Obama re-election bid—and there have been many—to date was the “Life of Julia” slide show ad. The cartoon made a case that without government programs provided by the president, women would be doomed to a life of abject misery and failure.

It didn’t come off so well and Obama was actually trailing Romney among women in polls following the release of the condescending cartoon campaign.

Moreover, it’s been great fodder for the conservative blogosphere as many, including The Hayride, poked more than a little fun.

The “Life of Julia” still has life for conservatives using it as an example of the exact opposite way a woman who wants to have an existence defined by individual achievement instead of government dependency should live. The latest installment comes from the Center for Freedom and Prosperity’s “Economics 101″ video series.

Narrated by Emily O’Neill, it’s aptly called “Life of Emily”:

Women would do well to ask themselves which character they would rather be, Julia—-living cradle-to-grave dependent on government handouts—or Emily, an independent woman relying of herself for success?  Which one of these characters would they want their daughter to be?

The answer to this should obvious, especially when you consider how badly government entitlements fail at accomplishing goals and how programs that Julia builds her life on are on the fast track to insolvency as they drag the nation toward a Greece-style economic meltdown.

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