Spare The Rod, Spoil The Child…

…remember when they used to say that?

I dunno if that was right. Bit harsh, without question.

But nowadays we’ve completely gone away from that. Nowadays we’re a lot easier on the kids.

And it looks like this is the result.

This video was put up on YouTube on Monday, and it happened outside of Rochester, NY. The lady’s name is Karen Klein, and she’s 69. She’s been a bus driver and a bus monitor for like 30 years.

And y’know the part where the little brat says “You are so ugly, your kids should kill themselves?”

Klein’s son apparently did kill himself 10 years ago.

There’s a happy ending for the lady those monsters are abusing. An online fundraiser was held for her, and it raised $150,000 to “give her a vacation.”

And that’s good. That’s a crappy enough job as it is without havin’ to put up with the litte hormone-factory middle-schoolers on the video; for not killin’ ’em she deserves whatever she can get.

Not to mention the school district says they’re gonna do somethin’ about this…

Debra Hoeft, Greece School District, said, “We do not tolerate harassment of staff or students. While we can not comment on specific student discipline, we can say that students found to be involved will face strong disciplinary actions.”

But nothing they can do to those kids will change their behavior. Detention won’t change ’em. Counseling certainly won’t.

What those kids need is a bad ass-kicking. They need to learn some respect for their elders.

And with a bunch of brat 12-year olds, you don’t earn their respect by talkin’ to them. You certainly don’t earn it by bein’ nice.

12-year olds, particularly brat 12-year olds like on that video, are more or less feral. They’re like wild horses who need to be broken.

They need an asskicking.

Maybe if you could force ’em to pick up garbage on roadsides all summer long you could get a similar effect. But a good asskicking will get the job done a lot quicker.

Or maybe a rugby match.

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