There Is No More Safe Haven For Obama

This is an expansion on an idea I started popping off on after the incident in the Rose Garden at the White House. Neil Munro asked questions before Beaurat Obama was ready to turn away from the correspondents gathered and exercise his well-practiced habit of ignoring what bothers him most: people trying to get an honest answer out of him.

I think Neil Munro deserves an award. Yes, the office of the President should be respected. But that applies if the incumbent is worthy of respect. The world of practical politics suffered a great setback when people were prevented from bringing fruits and vegetables to political rallies. The shower of fruit and vegetable salad assured the politician knew exactly when he’d stepped over the line of propriety or it became evident he held his audience in contempt. Now everybody is supposed to kiss Beaurat’s butt because he lied better to get the office than McCain did. Nobody learns to NOT do something until the pain is personal.

It’s an element of insufferable aggravation to know the people’s feelings are strained, pressed, and regurgitated after severe restructuring in the bowels of Pollsters and Pundits. The people have NO other point to express their displeasure with the administration other than to pitch (sic) and moan over beer and brats.

A little less enforced civility paid to a man who refuses to face his people, their representatives and their recorders of fact deserves NO respect as he walks away rather than comment on the insufferable nature of his actions. Screw his sense of deference. He’s a fool believing we aren’t fed up with his primping and pandering. His “leadership” deficit has led to an administration noted for refusing to deal with the people and their need to know concerning the real operation of their government. The lies told by this administration are legion.

This man pays more attention to his short game than the long-term consequences of his actions as Commander in Chief of our military forces and their conduct of the defense of this nation. He discloses the intricacies of our allies defense secrets and announces the possibility of their future actions as leverage to control the allies’ actions. He’s lowered the trust factor of friend and foe alike with his amateurish, failed diplomatic screw-ups. The man’s an embarrassment.

He spends more time on drafting and crafting the mythos of his faux-past as evidenced in the structured, developed and fantasized biography presented in Dreams of my father. The fantasy of his humble beginnings has been so romanticized even he has trouble remembering the truth of his youth. He was a bitter, angry youth seeking ascendancy without the dangers of gang involvement. For those who didn’t see it his way he evidenced derision and contempt. It was here he learned to jive, connive and thrive.

The chief haven for a liar is politics. It’s a place where whatever you say is acceptable until the point your despicable act is proven. Then if you’re one of the more accomplished liars you claim to have “misspoken” as Hilary Clinton did during her campaign against Obama. The nation’s become so jaded we accept this art of the liar as acceptable and forgivable. That’s why we have Obama in the position he holds.

We allow it because he’s a novelty and evidence of our deep seated need to apologize for the past sins of slavery and forced servitude. He holds the job because he could make his statements and walk away unchallenged after the fact. He’s where he is because we want to believe no world leader would lie to get, or keep, the position he/she covets as much as life itself. And they’ll sacrifice any life, or any concept of integrity they lie about holding near and dear to their hearts, to keep it. He holds the job because we feel so bad about what was unjust before we were even born.

This nation needs to overcome its sophomoric angst over the past and stop the lashing we keep punishing ourselves with.

This guy is proof positive no good comes from perpetual penance for sins passed.

Thanks for listening.



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