What’s With The High Popalorum And Low Popahirum On The Front Page?

People have asked us that a number of times. They don’t know it’s a reference to a famous Huey Long speech about the difference between the leadership of the Republican Party and the Democrat Party…

Naturally, we orient ourselves with Republicans rather than Democrats – and if you’re skinning bark off a tree to make medicine out of it we’d say it’s a lot better idea to start from the top so you don’t get too much dirt in the batch.

But our readers know that we’ll pick fights with Republican leaders as well as Democrats. And while we find Huey’s speechifyin’ entertaining, we regard him as a pestilence on this state – and his redneck-style fascism as a disaster we’ve not fully recovered from more than 80 years after he first came on the scene.

But Huey’s weird antics and quirky figures of speech are worth preserving. So that’s why we’ve given him a nod on the front of the site.

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