AFP Infographic: This Is No Farm Bill

More like a welfare bill.

With idiocy like this coming out of Congress, the federal government oughtn’t run its bureaucratic mouth about how fat the American people are.

Nobody is fatter than the federal government.

Guess who’s even more disgusted with the Farm Bill than you are?

You got it – the Left. For all the usual reasons…

Liberal Democrats are fuming over $16 billion in cuts to food stamp programs included in the House farm bill set for a markup on Wednesday.

Rep. Collin Peterson (Minn.), the top Democrat on the House Agriculture Committee, agreed to the cuts as a pragmatic way of moving forward with legislation important to rural lawmakers.

In an interview with The Hill, he said much of the cuts would be restored in a conference with the Senate.

Yet the move has led to anger on the left, while raising questions over whether the farm bill can pass the House given opposition among Republican and Democratic lawmakers.

Rep. Rosa DeLauro (Conn.) issued a scathing statement after the bill’s release that called it immoral and inhumane.

“This bill increases subsidies to millionaires. This is a bill that robs the poor to pay the rich,” she told the Hill Friday. “This bill is an outrage.”

DeLauro said she is urging Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) and other Democratic leaders to oppose the bill.

“No farmer is being cut back. They are being made whole,” she said. “The people are getting screwed in this process are the people who can least afford it.”

Tomorrow, the lefty Dems will have a press conference to denounce the bill because of the 20 percent of corporate welfare in it. They’ve got no problem with the 80 percent of the bill which constitutes a straight-up giveaway.

Meanwhile, Obama’s doppleganger Deval Patrick has vetoed a Massachusetts bill that would prevent people from using food stamps for tattoos and porn.

According to the Boston Herald, which first reported the veto, the governor berated the legislature’s stab at banning the purchase of specific items like manicures, tattoos, guns, porn, body piercings, jewelry, and bail by saying the move was “political grandstanding” at a time when such reforms are already on track elsewhere.

“I’m not going to do anything that makes vulnerable people beg for their benefits. This notion of humiliating poor people has got to be separated from how we make a program, and frankly separated and disposed of, from how we make a program work and work well,” Patrick said, according to Wicked Local Hanson.

This in a week when it comes out that more people are going on disability than getting jobs in America.

Here’s an idea: don’t pass a farm bill. Just don’t pass one, period. No corporate welfare, no poor people’s welfare. Nothing. If the states want to give out food stamps, let them do it.

That ought to make both the Left and Right happy, right? It would certainly help the budget deficit.

The tattoo parlors and adult theaters might not be able to bear the strain, though.

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