Romney’s New Ad Calls Obama A Liar

“Oh, no – you can’t run attack ads against the president. People love Obama; he’s really likable.”

That’s crap. Romney’s camp is going to put it to a test with ads like this…

How much of this poll data which says that Obama is “likable” is actually just poll data indicating that nice white folks don’t want to tell a total stranger over the phone they don’t like the first black president?

Since you’re a racist if you criticize him, and all.

Obama’s campaign is already the nastiest of all time. He lives in the gutter. Romney is going to have to get in there to win anyway, so his camp might as well get used to the gutter.

And by the way, Obama’s people are screaming that Romney needs to release his tax returns, because they won’t stop making defamatory insinuations that Romney got rich making illegal trades and so forth.

Here’s how to handle that: Romney ought to go on MSNBC with one of their DNC tools like Andrea Mitchell, and Romney ought to say, when asked about releasing the tax returns, “sure, I’ll release them. I have nothing to hide and I have them ready to go out. But let me tell you something – when you’re a successful private citizen it is a major intrusion on your privacy to have to put out confidential information like this to the public. I understand that because I’m running for president it comes with the territory, so I’m not resisting and I’m not complaining. But I don’t think I should have to release this stuff without the president submitting to similar scrutiny. Accordingly, I’m going to release my tax records as soon as he releases his college records. There are people who want to know how he got into Occidental, Columbia and Harvard when by his own admission he didn’t study all that much, and there are people who question whether his academic performance was to the level he’s claimed.

“So he ought to be honest with the American people and put that information out for all of us to see. He should have done it four years ago; he can do it now, and then he can put his people to work scrutinizing my tax records. And the American people can decide who’s more honest and who has the best qualifications to run the country for the next four years.”

They’ll call Romney a birther, but so what? It doesn’t make you a birther to ask why Obama’s college records can’t be looked at. We already know most of what’s in that autobiography of his is completely fabricated, and the country knows deep-down that they don’t really know anything about Obama.

If you’re going to call him a liar, then go the whole way and attack the very foundations of his story. It’s clear there are issues as to Obama’s claims about himself, and nothing Obama said would happen has happened. So sell the public on Obama The Destructive Fraud. It’s sellable.

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