Scalise Dings ‘Outsourcer-In-Chief’ On House Floor

Some are already calling President Obama’s “You didn’t build that,” remarks on Friday the 13th in Roanoke, Va. the biggest misstep of the presidential campaign. Whether that’s true or not, it’s a clear case of Obama Unplugged—unplugged from the teleprompter.

I’m sure that his handlers always feel a pit in their stomachs when Barry goes off script and gives Republicans fresh ammo to shoot holes in the yarn that Obama keeps spinning about all the good his economic policies are doing us.

Rep. Steve Scalise of  Louisiana’s 1st Congressional District did a fine job firing off at Obama today from the floor of the House of Representatives:

The “Outsourcer-In-Chief” continues to perpetuate the lie that he is out there fighting for the middle class. Small business owners, for the most part, are the middle class and they provide a lot of jobs for other middle class Americans.

Unfortunately, there are a lot less jobs in America these days, which can be attributed to the president’s economic policies that continue to scare the hell out of entrepreneurs and ship jobs overseas.

Maybe this latest gaff from Obama will open the eyes of business people who still haven’t caught on that Obama isn’t on their side and they will help send him packing in November. It would be nice to count them among those who “made that happen.”



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