Oscar’s Fark O’ The Day, July 19 Edition

This is pretty mean. Kinda like a case of the shingles or sump’n.

But we’re offerin’ it up as an example of what you can do with “You Didn’t Build That.” It’s like the gift that keeps on givin’. And that’s why even though the good-ol’-boy media type people – like the ones where the goof who’s on air thinks Obumble is the “Perfect American” – won’t even report the fact that he said it, this was one of the biggest cockups in political history.

And he made it on Friday the 13th, y’know. Which means it’s got just enough juice that when Obumble gets blowed up in November all the historians will point to that and say it’s when he was good and truly sca-rewed.

Anyway, here’s the meanest Fark O’ The Day to date (except for the Jerry Sandusky/Raising Arizona mashup from Monday)…

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