Gaining Context

Whenever Beaurat Obama gets caught on a gaffe after not having a teleprompter available, he claims his words were taken out of context. Does he believe only what he said originally appeared in the wrong context as though the rest of the speech somehow vanished?

Too many times we find nobody wants to call him, or his mouthpiece Jay Carney, on the statement by actually having the complete text available for controversy. “We must maintain decorum don’t you know.”

Yeah right. Like the delusion civility cultivates honest discourse. In fact it only allows for more opportunities to construct better lies or distract the populace’s attention from gaining the truth. There’s no need to develop an improper interpretation.

The political machinery runs roughshod over the truth to assure the party line is toed. The fourth estate is expected to be malleable and of such elasticity it must accept all statements as stretchy and therefore reproduce the political line of B.S. as being truth. The Chief Resident of the Oval Office wouldn’t lie would he? Of course he would, they all lie to gain the office.

The Presidency is supposed to be the least powerful of all three branches being relegated to the enforcement of laws written by Congress and found Constitutional by the Supreme Court.

But now, the Office of the President has grown more powerful by presidents past and present usurping the power of the other two branches by declaring Executive Privilege. It’s a privilege to be selected Chief Executive of this great nation, but it doesn’t make you privileged by bearing the title. It places greater responsibilities on you and your behavior. That is, of course, unless you display the testicular fortitude to seize the power when best you can. And Beaurat Obama has loads of chutzpah when it comes to seizing power.

Take this crap concerning Romney’s tax return. Obama has his guts in an uproar because he wants the people to know how much money Romney is worth. Obama says it’s the people’s right to know. It’s also the people’s right to not care either. Romney’s a millionaire. So is Obama. The main question isn’t how much money Romney paid taxes on. It’s why doesn’t Obama want to discussing how he’s failed to successfully accomplish 90% of his campaign promises and can only whine about inheriting a bad deal from George Bush? Obama wants accountability from Romney.

I want accountability from Obama but I don’t expect it to be forthcoming any time soon.

The fact is Obama hates the idea of having to run on a non-existent record of accomplishment. And having no accomplishments other than the ramrodding of the Affordable Care Act up the colon of the American Public isn’t enough to prove him worthy of re-election. His performance as a sitting president can’t be taken out of a context that’s non-existent.

Facts in this case are as clearly evident as fecal matter on a wedding dress or bird droppings on an Angel food cake.
Obama has failed miserably at bringing either the American public, or even so much as the two parties, together to benefit America. He’s argumentative, contentious, venal, obstructionist and pugnacious.

If you look up the definition of an ideologue his photo comes up along with the explanatory, descriptive sentence concerning the word. In other words he’s the epitome of an ideologue. For him there’s no other way but his and woe unto him who challenges The Great Beaurat when he’s operating behind the curtain of his own particular Oz.

Obama has his head stuck so far up his manifesto he’s blind to the possibilities of bettering that which he feels best should be torn down. He hates America because it doesn’t allow for people like him, the unqualified, to rise above their personal level of incompetence and remain undiscovered.

Conservatives said this campaign would be driven from the living rooms of the American people to the gutter and then flow downstream into the sewer. Obama’s paddlin’ this particular pirogue to the strains of Old Man River so you don’t understand he’s singing over a funeral dirge signifying the death of what’s best in America. Our right to individuality.

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