Hey, How ‘Bout That Genius Joe Biden, Huh?

He’s a fart smeller.

Sorry. Make that a smart feller.

Biden musta got a memo Saturday from Axelrod. “OK, Joe, the other side went and picked this guy Ryan for their VP, so yer gonna have to bring the A-Game from now on in. Make sure you get your best stuff ready to go.”

So yesterday Ryan speaks in front of ten thousand or so and Biden draws like 660 souls in North Carolina.

OK, that didn’t quite roll the way they wanted. That’s OK – today’s a new day, right? Biden goes to Virginia and he’s all amped up. Crowd full of people from a certain demographic group that votes the Democrat ticket almost like it was an Iraqi election and Saddam was on the ballot and all, so Joe says “Hey, I got this.”

And uncorks this bad boy…

Yeah, that’s gonna leave a mark.

Of course, Biden also said this at the same campaign stop – in Danville, Virginia, like I said…

In other words, he’s a dipshit. In fact, he might actually be the only thing keepin’ Obama alive. It’s an interesting strategy – maybe it’s OK for the Secret Service to be out chasin’ whores instead of doin’ their job, because even the John Hinckleys and Squeaky Fromms and Charles Guiteaus out there are thinkin’ to themselves “Self, the last thing you wanna do is kill the president. It’d be real bad for the country if that Biden cat was to run it.”

Pretty brilliant move, you ask me.

Naturally the Romney campaign has just about lost its mind over Biden saying Mitt wants to put black people back in chains. They said it was a “new low.” Which was kinda tame, frankly. What they shoulda said was that Biden ought to go back to makin’ stupid-ass statements about Indians and Dunkin’ Donuts, or go get his shinebox. Or better yet, go minimal on his butt – and say “Congressman Ryan CAN’T WAIT to debate the Vice President, for very obvious reasons.”

But the thing is, while Biden has to take a smart pill to get his IQ to room temperature, he might not be the dimmest bulb in the Obama campaign. That would go to this Stephanie Cutter broad, who’s kinda like a cross between Joe Biden and a three-toed sloth. Only with five toes, naturally.

Here’s what Miz Steffie had to say…

She lies a good bit. Sloths lie around a lot. One wonders if that kinda behavior helped get her that gig; I dunno. You’d think she might be a bit better at her job, though – she stinks a little. Or a lot.

But in that campaign it doesn’t really show. They pretty much let it all hang out. It’s like a political circus or something. Or better put, a freak show.

People like a freak show, is the problem.

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