Tradition? Seriously?

The campaigns are fully involved. Nobody accepts the fact until the magical dates when the parties hold their Campaign Primary and Convention are passed. This occurs at far-away places some people are never driven to visit: like Charlotte, North Carolina and Tampa Bay, Florida. They’re well known vacation spots. I’m sure they’ll provide gobs of fun for the delegates. The locals will earn lots of money by showcasing their locale while maintaining gift shops galore.

Mostly, it’s a snore. Obama’s the Democrats’ candidate. Romney will be selected by the Republicans. Why do we need two Conventions accomplishing no more than the obvious and reporting no less than the last bit of candidate minutia excavated to assure us grass-roots America needs to better pay attention? Why must we live in the limbo of desolate cable offerings because our network fare is so sorely restricted? Why must we dodge falling balloons and confetti drops by catching endless Spongebob re-runs and missing our chance to witness the “drama” of Britney Spears judging “X-Factor”, “Big Brother” and “Who the heck said you could dance?”

SURVEY SAYS: only because it’s tradition.

We suggest the two political parties might better spend the copious amount of dollars necessary to conduct these politico-debacles on developing strategies to ease the economic crunch or solve the problems we suffer from a lack of leadership in the Oval Office. We need bi-partisan efforts to fix America’s ills more than we need note the little umbrellas in the Mimosas were replaced with stirrers acting as flag staffs for the hosting state’s flag. But, somebody in the two hierarchies says tradition will have been breached by not using “flag swizzles”.

In true political fashion, and tradition, as well as practical politics; life goes on.

There was a time when conventions were used to caucus, determining the campaign’s direction and construct the platforms campaign rhetoric will be shouted from. Now, this is decided before hand by the national committees in consultation with the money men/women already happily bundling hundreds of millions for the respective campaigns. Please note you’re not consulted.

No votes of substance will be given Ron Paul or Rick Santorum because they aggravated too many people for them to care whether they show up or not. The Democrats can expect Joe Biden to entertain them with as many gaffes as he can supply in the restricted timeframe he’s allowed to stand at the podium. It’s rumored special agents from the Democratic Party DPS (Dumb-bass Protection Service) have been assigned to keep the VP as far from a network microphone as possible. This, they hope, will prevent a case of political homicide at the hands of a tongue-tangled moron on the loose.

The Republicans will showcase their new VP candidate in full regalia as they apply more and more Pledge or Olde English Wood Preservative to Mitt so his wooden though softening image will appear more lustrous. It’s obvious Mitt and his platform have had more than a few nails shot into their respective foundations: the party’s getting a pre-convention dose of intelligent dialogue and campaign issues they can develop and shine with as issued during Paul Ryan’s selection. We may get understandable dialogue concerning economics. Mitt got his personal inoculations from Obama’s usage of a nail gun shooting tacks. Though they fail to stick below the surface of the folder holding Romney’s tax returns for the past ten years, they’re a pain in the backside. He’s learning.

While Romney‘s appeared wooden, the Democrats appear incompetent and obstructive while avoiding the issue of Obama’s failure to accomplish any of his goals with bi-partisan support. This forced Obama to grab more and greater power at the lightning stroke of his dollar store pens. Who needs support when you can, by Executive Edict, steal as much power as you need. This’ll get Obama’s Marxist Agenda foisted on the American public by accepted legal and lawful acts. But, is it morally justifiable?

It’s suggested the two parties subscribe to “Go to meeting” saving bucks by tele-conferencing. At least we could avoid watching soap opera re-runs though they’re marginally more entertaining than watching liars posture before large audiences.

Thanks for listening.

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